February 26, 2020

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Tweet About It! CSRwire Reports Top Nonprofit, Health and Sustainability News

CSRwire reports the top sustainability and corporate social responsibility news for June 2013.


By Joe Sibilia

It seems lately much attention is being paid to for-profit companies partnering with nonprofits to promote social good. Last month’s top news highlights effective examples. Let’s take a look at the most read news, commentaries and reports in June.

1. Taproot Foundation To Collaborate With Hewlett-Packard And LinkedIn To Build Online Pro Bono Marketplace

When a multinational company and a nonprofit decide to form a partnership using a social media engagement tool in an effort to provide more pro bono opportunities, the results can be dramatic. The Taproot Foundation's announcement in at Taprootnumber one for the month of June.

Taproots hopes “to create a digital meeting ground where nonprofits can make a clear pro bono ask and professionals can move from interested in pro bono to motivated and ready to deliver their talents and together create powerful solutions.” It’s not a new idea; however, integrating it with HP and LinkedIn in an era where employee engagement is becoming a proven arbiter of brand and stock value is a step forward.

2. Twitter Chat: Nestlé Waters North America's Creating Shared Value Report, June 18th

Another phenomena that we’re watching closely – and our audience is responding well – is theNWNA_TwitterChat development of a combined Report on a company’s financial and non-financial impact promulgated through an engagement campaign. Nestle Waters North America's Shared Value report came in at number two for the month but, the real story is the results of the Twitter chat—over 562,000 Twitter accounts reached with almost five million impressions.

3. Lee® Jeans Spotlights Local Woman Fighting Breast Cancer in Cause Campaign with the American Cancer Society®

A great partnership that also garnered attention last month was the collaboration between Lee Jeans, National Cancer Survivors Day and the American Cancer Society to raise and fund additional cancer research. This story came in number three for the month.

Next Up: Commentaries that Captured Our Attention

1. How Three Quiet, Seismic Shifts Are Changing the Social Enterprise and Social Innovation Landscape

David Wilcox continues to top the blog charts with great headlines, helpful strategic tips, leveraging our Commentary platform, offering examples that are not as obvious and giving us fresh data post after post. Imagine business schools now suggesting that AlienationGoogle is the largest global social enterprise? His blog came in at number one for the month.

2. Building a Career in CSR: Strengthening Your Career With Purpose

At number two for June, PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada's James Temple takes us through a litany of examples of how a burgeoning CSR field is setting the stage for emerging leaders. The next generation will do things differently, he believes, and CSR will increasingly offer a great career path for those who are starting to make decisions from the same hat when it comes to consumption and career. But what else can we as CSR practitioners do to encourage more alignment? Grab a read and join the conversation.

3. Joe Woes: The Coffee Industry Promotes Excess & Waste

Nestle, Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee and all the other coffee manufacturers that market single-serve coffee pods might experience a rude awakening before they finish their first morning cup of coffee today. The third most popular blog this month came from Amy Larkin who takes on the Life Cycle Costs of this profitable segment.

Lastly, What Was Most Tweeted, Reported & Downloaded? These Fortune 500 Co. Reports:

1. Kohl's Department Stores Releases 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The top three reports for the month Kohlsdemonstrated dramatic statistics and improvements over the previous year. Kohl’s report showcased a long list of improvements and the press release did a tremendous job of reconciling and highlighting them.

2. Walmart 2013 Global Responsibility Report

Of course the largest retailer, employer and one of the greatest success stories in business history continues to get a lot of attention. Walmart’s 2013 Report came in at number two for the month. We followed up with yet another spectacular Twitter chat, hosted along with partner TriplePundit. Here's a summary of our conversation.

3. Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Progress Report 2012

One of the largest consumer products companies on the map, Unilever has tremendous impact on society and everyone is interested in what they’re doing. The sustainability leader's Report continued to attract attention in June, coming in at number three for the month.

To recap, nonprofit innovation; unique, CSR-driven partnerships; and, advancements in global health and waste reduction caught our readers’ attention. These examples of how businesses can create social good are what inspire our team daily, and hopefully yours, too.

Thank you for your readership and your desire to change business as usual. You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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