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Noble Profit: Sustainable Food Sourcing With Christopher Arnold, Chipotle

When you change the landscape of the consumer, the product and how it is sourced and consumed - the equation of business shifts on it’s axis.


For the first time we are seeing healthy fast food chains, such as Chipotle, rise in the stock market. How did the company partner with organic family farms while increasing its own profit margins to become the latest success story in the food sector?

In this week's video interview, Noble Profit chats with Chipotle's PR Director Christopher Arnold on how companies like Chipotle are not only making a ton of money serving great food but also changing the landscape of food sourcing.

Over a decade, Chipotle grew from a few stores to more than 1,300 after making distinct choices to source natural and healthy food in a sustainable way. It began with their pork carnitas, which were not selling well. After sourcing from an organic family farm -- Niman Ranch -- their product sales skyrocketed.

From there on, sourcing the highest quality food became the company's highest priority. As the company grew, the team saw a direct correlation between the number of stores it opened and the number of family farms supplying them.

After decades of new product innovation, we have seen tens of thousands of products and hundreds of companies come to market. Amid this bonanza of choice, we have also faced the influx of GMOs, additives such as corn syrup and fillers. Finally, the tide is turning with people becoming more conscious and demanding to know where their food comes from.

But when public demand becomes a part of the consumer products landscape, change occurs exponentially. These choices have a ripple effect, bringing economy and opportunity in a variety of ways, explains Arnold. Through innovation, businesses are becoming more profitable, patterning simple solutions by changing purchasing choices.

When you change the landscape of the consumer, the product and how it is sourced and consumed - the equation of business shifts on it’s axis. Take a look!


Learn more about Chipotle. Special thanks to Sustainable Brands.

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