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Five Inspirational Companies to Watch in 2017

Submitted by: Liz Bardetti

Posted: Nov 21, 2016 – 06:00 AM EST

Tags: corporate philanthropy, cause marketing


Corporate philanthropy is focused on heart and luckily, more companies are finding ways to incorporate giving and heart into their own business practices. Employees want to give back and participate in the community, candidates watch potential employers closely when considering applications and consumers are as vigilant on cause work as ever. In a world of turmoil and tragedy, we need those who can provide solace and support to step up and use their talent and position to inspire others. We’re happy to say we know quite a few companies doing their part. Here are few inspirational companies doing their part to give back to the community, their employees and the world.

AT&T Employees #SpreadTheCheer

What would you do if you had $1,000 to brighten someone’s day? The telecommunications company asked their employees this question one holiday season and the results have been absolutely breathtaking. What started as a holiday philanthropy campaign has become an ongoing philanthropy effort, guided by the employees themselves. Most recently, Kelly Chrietzberg purchased school supplies for parents in her community, but the #SpreadTheCheer campaign has funded causes like bringing a soldier home for the holidays to supporting an area animal shelter.

Learn more about the AT&T Corporate Philanthropy Philosophy and how they manage it all.

AT&T Back to School Shopping: Original Tweet

Bank of America Recycling Efforts

While it’s important to focus corporate philanthropy and employee volunteer efforts on how we can help others, personal impact on the community should be considered, too. The best way to lead is by example, of course, and Bank of America is making strides with internal processes to make positive impacts on the environment.

The environment is the very ground we raise our families and run our businesses on and the organization wanted to do more to keep it healthy. As one of the first companies to sign the American Business Act on Climate Change, BofA aimed for 20% reduction in paper use company-wide. But the financial powerhouse didn’t stop there, they extended their recycling efforts to their customers, with incredible results. The company focused on transitioning customers to online banking, reducing employee printing and increasing digital document delivery. The results were a 28% decrease of total paper usage and a 34% decrease in water use from 2010 to 2015. BofA still hold themselves to a standard use of 20% minimum post-consumer recycled content (by weight) and only use paper sourced from certified forests.

Bank of America Recycling: Original Tweet

Starbucks Honors Upstanders

Sometimes inspiring change comes from reminding each other of the good things in life. Starbucks understands the powerful message of positivity and created an ever-growing collection of short stories, films and podcasts dedicated to the ordinary people who are doing amazing things in their communities. These Upstanders are nominated by peers, can come from anywhere and support a multitude of causes.

Though original content isn’t something most coffee companies concern themselves with, the stories on Upstanders are covered by Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran themselves for the purpose of bringing together communities and promoting those who make real differences in the nation. 

“We’ve asked ourselves what is the role and responsibility of a public company and, as citizens, how we can catalyze hope in a time when we need more optimism, empathy, compassion and leadership.”

-Howard Schultz (@ScandalSchultz), CEO of Starbucks

Starbucks Upstanders: Original Tweet

Goldman Sachs Volunteers as a Team

Each year, teams of Goldman Sachs employees band together to help their community using their expertise and unique ideas. The organization partners with nonprofits local to their offices to do everything from beautifying community spaces to mentoring small businesses and leading youth. Last year, 54 of their offices partnered with 900 nonprofits to work on 1,600 projects worldwide, contributing to over 150,000 hours to their communities. 

The Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks program, now in its 20th season, started with 9 organizations. Though the large corporation spans multiple cities, the continually growing network gives the employees of Goldman Sachs a real hand in impacting the community in which they live and grow. 

Lockheed Martin Provides a Fighting Spirit

Our wounded men and women in uniform do not go unnoticed by Lockheed Martin. The company created the Fighting Spirit Scholarship Program to provide two wounded veterans the opportunity to retrain for flying and sailing with Able Fly and the Warrior Sailing Program.

“The Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl is dedicated to the brave men and women who have made great sacrifices to defend the United States and our allies. We are honored to work with Able Flight and Warrior Sailing Program to give back to the armed forces community, and provide two veterans with an enriching, unforgettable experience of a lifetime.”

-Orlando Carvalho, Executive VP of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

 Lockheed Martin Wounded Vets: Original Tweet 

The best part of this list? It doesn’t even cover all the causes these organizations support nor does it cover all the companies who are doing good in the community or world. The world of corporate social responsibility is one that shares a common interest but a vast amount of ways to reach the destination. 

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments or reach out to us @CyberGrants. We love hearing the good news!

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