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Talkback Submission Call: Energy – Powering Sustainable Futures

Submitted by: David Connor

Posted: May 19, 2015 – 06:00 AM EST

Series: Energy – Powering Sustainable Futures

Tags: energy, renewables, energy storage, carbon capture, rng, cop21, resource efficiency


“It’s as certain that as long as fossil fuels are the cheapest energy, we will just keep burning them.”

James Hansen.

The latest call for Talkback article submissions wants to get to the very core of the sustainability challenge - energy.

Worldwide energy consumption is tipped to grow by around 50% by only 2040 with most demand coming from non-OECD countries.

Increasing volatility in oil markets, pressure for divestment across coal based portfolios, unpredictable leadership in gas controlling countries, rising populations consuming more, and emerging scalable technologies are just a few pressures converging to create a clouded uncertain power future. Energy has become the fuel within a hair trigger financial, political and environmental powder keg, surrounded by the wildest extremes of risk and opportunity. 

The age of oil is almost over, but nobody can say with authentic certainty what will take its place, and more importantly, when it will hand over the crown. Renewables such as solar and wind are in the ascendency but are they realistically scalable quick enough to defend against runaway climate change? Are we not destined for far more complicated, fragmented, intelligent and locally-based solutions to satisfy the global hunger for better standards of living?

We want the CSRwire community of experts, NGOs, corporates, academics and disruptors to share your unique insights and best practice into how we accelerate incremental progress towards a sustainable energy future.

What do we do until we tap into the cleaner power of stars through nuclear fusion?

This is your opportunity to shine. Share your best practice, innovation, successes and challenges for the wider community to learn from, explore and further develop.

A few ideas for inspiration…

  • Do oil and gas companies have a future? 
  • Will Tesla’s Powerwall change the game in favour of renewables?
  • Which financial or policy mechanisms will be key in evolving from the age of oil?
  • What are the top 10 technologies to watch in sustainable energy?
  • Who is making tangible impacts in energy efficiencies?
  • Why is behaviour change the often forgotten side of the energy reduction debate?

CSRwire will select the best 500+ word submissions to be included on Talkback and further debated across all of our highly influential social media channels. We don't guarantee publication, but if your submission doesn't make it on to our premium Talkback channel with all the spotlight we shine, there is a strong chance it could be suitable for our parallel CSRlive channel, Justmeans or Social Earth platforms for the world to see.

To submit your article please send your article, with suggested title, as a Word document to with 'Talkback: Energy – Powering Sustainable Futures’ in the subject line, to include a short bio, headshot photo and any accompanying imagery with appropriate rights clearly available.

There is no specific deadline for articles as we are always happy to receive great content for consideration but anything received after 16 June 2015 could miss the spotlight. 

Keep your eyes open for July’s Talkback series on Employee Engagement. A call for submissions will be sent out mid-June. Follow #CSRTalk for more updates.

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