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Talkback Submission Call: Innovation – More Than Just Social

Submitted by: David Connor

Posted: Mar 18, 2015 – 06:00 AM EST

Series: Innovation – More Than Just Social

Tags: sustainability, business, csr, innovation


Global business today is mostly unsustainable, and has been since the Industrial Revolution. But now we are being forced by our planet’s systems and societal concerns to move away from that status quo of outdated commercial cultures.

Innovation is about new ideas, processes or devices that challenge those stagnant models and progressively connect the business world to all the communities in which they operate who are increasingly piling on pressure for change.

In one recent example in January, Mars, Inc, in partnership with UC Davis, announced the launch of the Innovation Institute for Food and Health to navigate the major challenges relating to improving global food security, sustainable agriculture and health for a growing world population.

CSRwire is looking for article submissions about the latest concepts and success stories of emerging business models, methods of collaboration, use of technology, communication techniques and disruption. Innovation also doesn't have to mean huge research and development budgets. Scarce resources, creative minds and those prepared to fail can make change in the world when the timing is right.

Here's a few thoughts to stir the creative process...

  • What technologies will be the next big disruptor for social good; graphene, Internet of Things, bio-mimicry, alternative currencies or something else?
  • Does regulation fuel innovation?
  • Is collaboration really possible with competitors?
  • What are the simple things making the biggest difference?
  • Can the embedded cultures of commerce ever be upgraded?
  • Will social enterprise save the world?
  • Are we too focused on innovation? Do we have the answers already but for some reason avoid the obvious?

If you think you can write 500 words or more that adds tangible momentum to a knowledgeable audience, then get that laptop fired up. We can't guarantee publication, but if your article doesn't make it on to our flagship Talkback channel with all the core spotlight we shine, there is a good chance it could be published on our parallel CSRlive channel, Justmeans or Social Earth for the world to see.

To submit your article please send your article, with suggested title, as a Word document to with 'Talkback: Innovation – More Than Just Social’ in the subject line, to include a short bio, headshot photo and any accompanying imagery with appropriate rights clearly available.

There is no specific deadline for articles as we are always happy to receive inspirational content, but anything received after 17 April 2015 may miss the main promotional spotlight across our communities until the end of that month.

May’s Talkback focus will be on Equality and Diversity and we will stimulate your creative juices in more detail in mid-April. Don’t miss a sure fire energetic topic!

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by CSRwire contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of CSRwire.

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