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Transformational Times Demand Transformational Minds

New ways of operating need to be rooted in new ways of thinking.

Submitted by: Giles Hutchins

Posted: Nov 10, 2014 – 09:34 AM EST


These times we live in are asking us to activate new ways of operating in business and beyond. New ways of operating need to be rooted in new ways of thinking – a new consciousness no less – if our solutions are to be untainted by the very thinking that created the problems in the first place.

What is this new logic now demanded of us, and how does it differ from our current mind-set?

‘We have been, and still are, in the grips of a flawed view of reality – a flawed paradigm, a flawed world view – and it pervades our culture putting us on biological collision course with collapse.’

This flawed logic sets us apart from each other and Nature. It is what Albert Einstein called an optical illusion of consciousness; an illusion that is fast becoming a dangerous delusion with devastating  consequences for the future of humanity and the wider diversity of life on Earth. Our educational, political, economic and governance systems unwittingly embed this logic within our collective mindset at partly unconscious levels.  It is a deeply divisive and woefully inadequate logic, yet it is seldom questioned. It is what the anthropologist Gregory Bateson understood as the ‘original corruption’ which pits us against Nature setting us up for an evolutionary cul-de-sac of selfish ascendance. Any transformation in business and beyond that is not rooted in a transformation of this corrupting logic will not last long.

With this front-of-mind, I undertook an exploration to find the causes of this corrupting logic so that we can deal with them at the source, and then move forward into a new way of operating unshackled from this illusion of separation. During this exploration, I found a fresh, yet ancient and timeless wisdom – an inherent Truth – running throughout life. The same wisdom mystics, shaman, seers and prophets all point to. It is also the same wisdom the founders of our Western philosophy in ancient Greece recognised, as have the great scientific minds of Da Vinci, Whitehead, Bohm and the great poets Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth to name a few.

Without such re-cognition any future pathway for humanity will ultimately be unsustainable.  These times we live in ask us to wake up to the wisdom of life, of reality beyond illusion. As Pythagoras, Confucius, Aristotle and others knew, there is an inherent grammar running throughout Nature that we would do well to attune to. This new paradigm is not only inspired by Nature (whether biomimicry, closed-loop, permaculture, regenerative economics) but also in harmony with Nature. 

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Giles applies twenty years business experience to the emergence of new business logic inspired and in harmony with nature, for a short video see here.  Author of The Nature of Business and recently release The Illusion of Separation Giles blogs at, facebook community and tweets @gileshutchins

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