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A Time to Reconnect

The CSRwire team is here for you, our audiences, our clients, and for those who depend on all of us to make business better.

Submitted by: David Connor

Posted: Oct 28, 2014 – 11:42 AM EST

Tags: csr, sustainability, triple bottom line, stakeholders


Hello, CSRwire world. Some of you may know me, some may not. I am David Connor, the new Director of CSRwire, and I feel honoured to be writing this today, feeling like a kid in a sweet shop, but with only a spreadsheet in front of me instead of jars of candy. I have bounced around this agenda for over 17 years, yet never felt more instantly at home.

We are currently working on the new strategic plan for 2015 and beyond, and I will be asking for your input into that later on. Make no mistake, our aspiration is high. The triple bottom line game we are part of has the highest of odds. By combining our strengths and planned innovation with those of the wider 3BL Media LLC group we are creating an ecosystem with a robustness, reach, vibrancy and effectiveness that I guarantee can accelerate change.

CSRwire, launched in 1999 has successfully become a steadfast pillar of thought leadership debate across a range of financial, social and environmental topics. I assure you that will not only continue, but thrive. We, as a growing internal team, and as a facilitator of partnerships will be challenging and supporting the bold, the innovative, the passionate and, most importantly, those creating tangible positive impact amongst their communities.

I believe we are in the eye of the storm between the runaway train of an industrial age and a future so potentially volatile and uncertain that nobody can ignore it. The time is now, and effective communication is the key to changing behaviour.

To begin to energise the new plan, we will spend most of November focusing on the money, or specifically, sustainability money. We will be exploring a range of Sustainable Finance topics by sharing thought and debate with global leaders and grassroots activists with you all. We'll be both creating and sourcing the very highest quality content, and we will also be asking for you to share your knowledge, opinion and questions, aligned to each theme. Further details will be revealed very soon.

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask a small favour from you now? We think we have got a good idea where we need to point the ship, but in such a varied stakeholder environment we really need as much external input as we can muster. I would energetically appreciate just five minutes of your time to take this short survey to get your perspective on what is already good about CSRwire and what else we need to do. I know, I hate survey overload too, but trust me it is short. I wrote it. If you feel you have got more to offer than the survey allows, or just want to reconnect with us, please do not hesitate to get in direct contact with me via I'll be heading over to the U.S. next week (4 - 7 Nov.) to attend the BSR Conference in New York and it would be wonderful to connect with any CSRwire friends in the area

The CSRwire team is here for you, our audiences, our clients, and for those who depend on all of us to make business better.

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