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Activism and Sustainable Supply Chains: What's Drawing Attention in CSR

CSRwire reports the top corporate social responsibility and sustainability news for April 2014.


Top News:

1. Under Fire from Critics, Chevron CEO Quietly Moves Annual Shareholder Meeting to Remote Town In Texas

Critics continue to characterize every move by Chevron as an attempt to avoid confronting the ongoing Ecuadorian legal battle. The company's decision to move its annual shareholders meeting to a remote Texas town – even though it was the childhood home of President Bush – seems rather innocuous; yet it made headlines and jumped to the top on CSRwire for April.

2. McDonald's Awards Suppliers for Advancing Global Sustainability Initiatives

At one time McDonald’s was seen as a poster child for unhealthy fast food. Today the team is leading the effort to improve global sustainability initiatives with its suppliers and gaining traction.

Just before our dynamic Twitter chat with Sustainability VP Bob Langert in May, the company announced the winners of McDSustainabilityits sustainable suppliers awards for 2014, making this the number two most read news for April. We’ll be looking for more companies as they follow McDonald's lead in celebrating improvements in their supply chains.

3. Unilever Expands Sustainable Living Ambition

Unilever announced new progress metrics and a set of expanded commitments for its Sustainable Living Plan in April. CEO Paul Polman summed it up best “In the three years since we launched the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan we have learned that sustainability drives business growth and a much deeper connection with our employees and consumers.”

This story came in number three for the month – stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Polman on CSRwire!

Top Blogs:

1. The Birth of a New Ecosystem: India's Mandatory CSR Rule Becomes a Reality

If you want to get a pulse of what the second largest country in the world – almost 18% of the world’s population – is doing about CSR, take a look at the number one blog for April. Professor Utkarsh Majmudar and CSR Adviser Namrata Rana synthesize the new Indian law into practical takeaways and offer the many opportunities available for companies to make an impact globally.

2. Supply Chain of the Future: An Inside View of General Mills’ Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

General Mills had a big month on CSRwire in April. In conjunction with the release of its latest CSR Report, the company's sustainability executives teamed up to offer us an inside view of their efforts.

This blog post – part one of a series – was followed by a successful Twitter chat with Sustainability Chief Jerry Lynch and Procurement Director Steve Peterson and General Mills tweetsbrought global attention for the food company. Lynch's insider look came in second for the month.

3. Sustainability Ambitions: Keurig Green Mountain Commits to a Recyclable K-Cup Pack by 2020

Coffee is consumed in vast quantities around the world – and getting a quick cup is improved through technology that can deliver quickly. But some consumers have been critical of the K cup phenomenon. In part two of a three part series with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, Senior Director of Sustainability Monique Oxender outlined the company’s ambitions with the controversial cup. The story came in at number three for the month.

Top Reports:

1. Nestlé in Society – Creating Shared Value and Meeting Our Commitments 2013 - Full Report

Mike Muller wrote a scathing article in 1974 about the effects of substituting mother’s milk with formula and caused an uproar.

Forty years later he acknowledged that “Brabeck's (Nestlé Chairman) efforts to get business and governments to work together to manage and protect the world's vital water resources” is a great step forward.

And, although there are still critics of Nestlé's legacy, its Shared Value report “underlines Nestlé's fundamental belief that, for a company to be successful over the long term and create value for shareholders, it must also create value for society” represents another arrow in their quiver to silence discontent. The report came in number one for the month.

2. Humana Releases 2012-2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

I was especially impressed with the 150 data-point strong employee well-being scorecard presented in Humana’s CSR report. Most companies proclaim that theiremployees are their greatest assets but few actually ask them how they’re doing. This report was filled with some creative ideas and came in at number two for the month.

3. Chevron's Mockery of Justice: The Five Fatal Flaws in Oil Giant's Retaliatory RICO Case

Once again Chevron detractors nimbly issued a report on Chevron’s “Mockery of Justice” and parlayed it into the Chevron RICO Casenumber three most read report for the month. You’ve got to give them credit for creative communication techniques.

Top Twitter Chats:

1. #Sustybiz

In Conversation with SAP, BSR and CDP on the complexities of pursuing sustainability and business growth while transitioning from reduced impact to no negative impact.

[Featuring 232 contributors, 1,388 tweets & over million impressions.]

2. #GenMillsSusty

A conversation on strong>CSR, supply chain disruptions and responsible sourcing with General Mills.

[Featuring 123 participants and 700 tweets generating over six million impressions.]

3. #MGMimpact

A conversation with MGM's CEO and leadership team on reversing its industry's perception and creating impact.

[Featuring 89 participants generating over 650 tweets and 5.6 million impressions.]

4. #BaBf

What does it mean to brew a better future for beer giant Heineken?

[Featuring 146 contributors generating almost 800 tweets and 6.2 million impressions]

In other news...

Triple Pundit captured my attention this month with their new series on sustainable fashion and the articles advanced up the ladder of our tracking system. I also enjoyed seeing some of the creative attempts at fashioning homes for the homeless out of discarded trash.

Meanwhile, TV ad dollars are slowly shifting to online video and mindfulness is coming back (for some it really never went away) with a vengeance based on scientific studies. Finally, the coronation of Hillary Clinton continues to attract attacks.

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