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Future Trends in Fundraising and Technology Take the Headlines

CSRwire reports the top corporate social responsibility and sustainability news for February 2014.


By Joe Sibilia

Top News:

A global legal fight, peer-to-peer fundraising and conflict free minerals auditing, led the news stories on CSRwire for February.

1. Chevron Law Firm Gibson Dunn Concedes that Legal Basis for RICO Case Against Ecuadorians Is Invalid

Chevron and the Ecuadorians are engaged in a legal fight that pits the ideals of environmental responsibility and litigation costs (Chevron reportedly has paid over $1billion in legal fees since 2009 on this case) with questions like whether one country’s courts can enforce a foreign judgment, whether a subsidiary in one country can be held responsible for the parent’s action in another country, and what ethical responsibility a law firm has in presenting alternative legal opinions P2P_30on the same subject with different clients. Each have the potential to be groundbreaking once adjudged.

For now, the story continues to garner attention and came in at number one for the month. Reuters provided some context to the battle, worth reading for those watching the fight closely.

2. Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Efforts Down 2.6%

Even though top peer-to-peer fundraising efforts were slightly down (2.6 percent) this year, almost $500 million were raised for cancer from two entities – Relay for Life and Race for the Cure. Interestingly, good old-fashioned mail contributions and fundraising events far surpassed social media as fund raising tactics. This story came in number two for the month. The research reveals some great actionable data, worth a read.

3. Conflict-Free Sources for All Four Conflict Minerals Now Identified

The Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative reached a major milestone last month after five years of intensive work. With its newly completed audit, the platform can now provide companies with information on conflict free smelters or refiners of all four-conflict minerals. This is the first time the CFSI has taken a spot – No. 3 for February – in the Top Three and we expect more to follow.

Top Blogs:

Google-robotsPrivacy, technology and future trends dominated Talkback for the month.

1. Don't Be Evil: What's the Matter with Google?

My good friend Hazel Henderson continues to provide us with the inspiration and courage to tell it like she sees it. Check out her analysis of what’s happening at Google. Her blog came in number one for the month.

2. "Real" Sustainability: The New Disruptors

David Wilcox must be having fun. He challenges us to consider whether the dramatic shifts in Capitalism are ‘incremental’ or ‘disruptive.’ The analytics on our recent Twitter chat to discuss 2014 trends in CSR and sustainability (almost 400,000 accounts reached and over six million impressions) further validate the disruptive nature of these chats as a barometer of what people are thinking. His blog came in at number two for the month.

3. What Purpose Will Look Like in 2014

Carol Cone’s summary of Edelman’s 2014 Trust Barometer satisfied our curiosities about the increasing role of purpose in business and came in at number three for the month.

Top Reports:

CSR and sustainability Novo-Nordisk-report-coverreports are starting to publish. And we're busy collaborating with our members on innovative communication strategies that aim to engage their stakeholders on the stories behind their progress, what's needed to overcome their challenges and how to use the report as a pivot for continued and authentic engagement.

Marking one of the first report to publish for 2014, Novo Nordisk received attention from our readers as it celebrated its 10th Integrated Report.

In Other News...

As part of our continuing effort to travel the internet for inspiration, here's what we uncovered last month.

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