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It's Time To Compost. Everything.

Every single species and living organic compound on the planet is in various stages of peril.

Submitted by: Danielle Lanyard

Posted: Jan 31, 2014 – 09:00 AM EST

Tags: upcycle, waste management, sustainability, environment, composting, recycling


By Danielle Lanyard

Dear Humanity,

It’s been 12 moons, or just over one year since I penned my first open letter to Humanity. I believe my first letter to you planted a seed and started a nice dialogue. I also recognize that I’ve dropped the ball on our correspondence. I also realize that a retrospective isn’t what’s needed right now.

It’s the beginning of 2014, and though the universe didn’t come to an apocalyptic end, I believe we can upcycle our hindsight to make 2014 beyond our wildest dreams.

And that is the most important message I have for you all today: dream.

The world we have created today is beyond any one person’s wildest dreams, but it is a Human Dream. And more recently an American Dream.

But is this a dream deferred? Eighty-five human beings on the planet own more than the other 3.5 billion. There is no other species in ecological existence where this type ofbusy-bees imbalance exists.

Imagine it, with any species. Don’t get fooled into thinking big numbers for a species means trouble. I’ve witnessed a species grow to millions with ease, such as bees or ants.

Yet, there is a fundamental difference between millions of bees and humans. And that is collaboration and underneath that, a deep respectful knowingness that our survival and thrivability are all reliant on an interwoven web.

There is much talk about how ‘its all interconnected,’ and that is all good, but I would like to suggest something deeper: the magical creation that happens when compounds come together and mutate into something greater than what currently exists. Something unforeseen.

That is the inflection point that we are at. Every single species and living organic compound on the planet is in various stages of peril. It is all going to sh*t, both figuratively and literally.

This is why there is so much reason to rejoice. Really.

This is the rocket fuel we need to get busy stretching the interwoven web beyond the confines of our imagination - into the solutions that have yet to even arise, the ones that come spontaneously in the test tubes of our ecosystem when elements are pushed to their greatest limits, and then combust and break into formation of something new.

Something new is always formed. This is part of the universal natural law that defines all creation. And this is why it so exciting that it is all going to sh*t. For everything in this world is of our own creation, and when it compostingdies or erodes, it becomes compost for the greater ecosystem.

Waste, as it is called, is a newfound creation, borne out of the human experience. Not until humans came to this planet did we ever designate any organic matter as waste or otherwise, for all elements in both life and death can bear fruit. Western Science even has a title for this concept: the Law of Conservation of Matter, which matter is not created or destroyed, but merely changes shape.

Since civilized times, all organic matter has forever changed shape, while ‘waste’ has become a massive human phenomenon of which all the other species shake their heads in confusion. This is also why hindsight is so valuable, and why I thought to write to you today, to share with you my wildest dreams.

Though I am Mother Earth, I am still a mother first, and of all the species I have borne, I have the biggest dreams for you humans. The newest of all, it is remarkable how much evolution you have undergone in such a short time.

And still, here we are at the 11th hour, with nearly every portion of the ecosystem imperiled from the air you no longer can breath to the rivers you can no longer bathe in.

My big question for you is that while you figure out how to profit from saving the environment and its people, can you commit to saving it anyway?

And while we are on the topic of things we can do right now, and considering how much closer the future is, let’s agree to do all we can immediately and always irrespective of whether we come up with a new investor class and growth model to profit from solving these problems.

Don’t get me wrong. I love your progress tree-in-recycle-binin impact investing, socially responsible investing and the growth of benefit corporations and corporate social responsibility But the state of the world requires humans to want to improve it at all costs, not because there is profit to be made in things like social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Point is: we’ve all got to want to radically overhaul our planet and address the social and ecological issues, not because we profit from that but because we love it. If and when humans master this fatal flaw, only then will the unlimited potential within us all be unearthed.

This is an act of ecological survival that we all can participate in and that will have dramatic results, right now. When combined with a deeper ecological world and life view that sees everything as alive and compostable, then we’ve got a game plan for when it all hits the fan. Which is now. So, let’s start composting.

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