April 10, 2020

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Coca-Cola, Unilever, Microsoft & IKEA Grab Top Honors for 2013

CSRwire reports the top corporate social responsibility and sustainability news for 2013.


By Joe Sibilia

2013 & Disruptive Innovation

For me, the most disruptive innovation and the greatest business opportunity of the year was our approach to producing, curating and analyzing Twitter chats for our members. Our members and audience responded with great enthusiasm and theintelligence gathered through these chats will certainly disrupt the traditional approach to intelligence gathering.

The top Tweet chat for the year was Unilever’s #Sustliving. We reached over 321,000 Twitter accounts and garnered over six millionTwitter impressions! [More results here.]

There are many who believe that we will begin fighting over water in the years to come. Nestle Waters North America's #Sharedvalue Tweet chat reached over 560,000 accounts and attracted close to five million impressions. That's a lot of action, attention and commentary.

When you feed millions of people and employ 428,000, everyone watches your moves. Sodexo's Tweet chat came in a strong third with 120 participants and over seven million impressions.

Top News:

1. Coca-Cola Releases 2011-2012 Global Sustainability Report

The top three stories for the year didn’t surprise our Editorial Team. Coca-Cola continues to make significant advancements with its sustainability reporting and was the most popular news release of the year. After a decade of publishing Sustainability Reports and the appointment of its first Chief Sustainability Officer in 2011, Coca-Cola is making a difference.

2. McDonald's USA First National Restaurant Chain To Serve MSC-Certified Sustainable Fish At All US Locations

Today, when I need a quick bite, I go to McDonald’s for a fish sandwich and McDsustya small order of fries. Just like me, it seems a lot of our readers were interested in the country's first national restaurant chain to serve MSC-certified sustainable fish at all of its U.S. locations. This story came in a close second to Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Report.

3. Chevron Using 60 Law Firms and 2,000 Legal Personnel To Evade Ecuador Environmental Liability, Company Reports

Let's not underestimate the power of passionate activists. The fight between Chevron and the Indigenous tribes of the Amazon continues to interest our audience. This story has legs and remains in the news.

Top Blogs:

1. How To Make A Million Dollars An Hour In Twelve Easy Steps

Whenever you lead a story with "how to make a million dollars an hour in twelve easy steps," you’ll get people's attention. Les Leopold takes the top prize for the mostpopular blog post of the year. His twelve-part series based on the namesake book follows in the footsteps of last year's contender, also a book. His list of top earners includes musicians and hedge fund managers and his income comparisons Million_Dollars_an_Hour_Les_Leupolddramatically demonstrate a growing income gap today and gives pause.

2. IKEA's Sustainability Strategy: Save the World, One Product At a Time

Our Editorial Director Aman Singh's close look at IKEA’s sustainability strategy to "save the world one product at a time," came in at second place. The story was also a big hit on Twitter and Facebook.

3. How Three Quiet, Seismic Shifts Are Changing the Social Enterprise and Social Innovation Landscape

Founder of ReachScale and a longtime contributor for Talkback, David Wilcox continues to use his influence among the social enterprise sector to write stories that showcase his talents and spread the knowledge on how to scale impact. Last year, one of his stories made it to the top three and this year is no different. His analysis of what’s happening in the social enterprise and innovation space keeps him securely in the top three once again. His story was retweeted more than any other story of the year and his Facebook influence continues unabated.

Top Reports:

1. The Coca-Cola Company’s 2011-2012 Sustainability Report

2. Microsoft Releases 2012 Citizenship Report

3. Walmart 2013 Global Responsibility Report

The top three Sustainability, Citizenship and Global Responsibility Reports for the year lets us know that the language we use remains as inconsistent as two decades agowhen John Elkington coined the term "Triple bottom line."

Coca-Cola's ‘Sustainability Report’ came inCoca_Cola_2011_CSR_Report at number one, while Microsoft's report – titled ‘Citizenship Report’ – came in second and Walmart using the overarching ‘Global Responsibility Report’ to describe its reporting platform, came in third for the year.

While this was an ode to the top contenders for 2013, stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis of what’s really happening in the cross sector world of sustainability, social change, brand influence and capitalism.

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