January 23, 2020

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CSRwire reports the top corporate social responsibility and sustainability news for October 2013.


By Joe Sibilia

This monthly report celebrates analytics. Articles that were most widely read, columns that received the most comments and air time on social media, reports that received the highest exposure and news with the best conversion rates. We're talking the TOP 3 news items, editorials and reports that led analytic reports. Let's get started:

Top News:

1. Chase to Award $3 Million to Small Businesses through Mission Main Street℠ Grants; Premier Sponsor Google Provides Special Advertising Offer

With an engaged audience watching every move they make, it is not surprising JPMorgan Chase’s release came in a resounding number one for the month of October. Their ‘Mission Main Street’ grants program will help small businesses across the nation. At one time Nike was the poster child for abusive labor practices in their supply chain; today they are leading the effort to improve the garment industry. Don’t chase_main_street_grantsbe surprised when you see articles proclaiming the advances JPMorgan Chase makes in banking. It’s coming.

2. 1st U.S. Impact & Sustainable Trade Mission Attracts Over 100 European Limited Partners

Watershed Capital Group’s recap of this first-of-its-kind trade delegation came in number two for the month, as we’re seeing increased attention being paid to impact investment strategies.

3. Chevron Withdraws Key Element of RICO Charge Against Donziger

Chevron and Donziger are at it again. As the case goes to court and testimony begins, the Gowen Group of attorneys is not letting up. They continue to provide their side of the story, and our audience is hungry for the details. This news came in number three for the month.

Top Talkback Blog Posts:

1. What's Ethical About Whistleblowing?

Its great to see a new face challenging the number one blog spot for the month. Kirsty Matthewson manages Communications for Expolink Europe, and her blog on ‘whistleblowing’ came in number one for the month. I get the sense we’ll hear more about ‘whistleblowing’ in the future.

2. Why Donation-based Crowdfunding Is Here to Stay (and Growing)

Another newcomer to our pool of seasoned bloggers emerged in October. Mark Feinberg, CEO and Co-founder of URUUTUruut, left his investment management business to develop a crowdfunding platform to support donations from individuals, businesses and foundations, and his blog came in second for the month.

3. How Corporate India Can Leverage a Mandatory CSR Bill to Shift Gears for the Long Term

There was much interest and ‘talkback’ garnered by Namrata Rana’s blog on why, if strategically done, a Mandatory CSR bill will help Corporate India pave the way to strong results socially and economically. Her blog came in number three for the month.

Top CSR/Sustainability Reports:

1. Microsoft Releases 2013 Citizenship Report

Microsoft is making some great moves. In addition to having Tamara “TJ” DiCaprio as their spokesperson and Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, their report is awesome and came in number one for the month. Our audience is actively interested in what Microsoft is doing—and it shows.

2. Adobe Corporate Responsibility 5-Year Data Summary: 2008-2012

Instead of a lot of pictures and narrative, Adobe decided to Adobeprovide a five-year data summary of their CSR initiatives. I like the approach and our audience responded by viewing the report a lot, making it the second most popular report in October.

3. CSR TRENDS: Mining Edition

Trends are always a popular picture to paint. What’s happening in mining is an even more prolific image to craft. We can’t really imagine what happens down in a mine. Combine the trends of mining into a readable, digestible format and you get a report that is well received. Craib Design & Communications Inc. came in number three for the month with their report on mining trends. It’s a great read.

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