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A Noble Profit Moment with Gabe Zichermann: Aligning Core Social Values Through Gamification

Can creating a "positive feedback loop" for consumers guide them to acting more sustainably?


By Amy Seidman

Part of the Noble Profit series

In an attention starved world, businesses need creative and fun solutions to attract consumers to spend their most precious commodity, time. According to Gabe Zichermann chair of the GSummit, the core principals of sustainability can be addressed through the application of gamification, which equates to doing good while having fun.

Gamification creates a “Positive Feedback Loop” for consumers by guiding their behaviors through positive reinforcement, feedback and other mechanisms specific to gaming. In any economy whatever offers the most pleasure and reward will gain the greatest attention – which is why gamification has become elemental in driving green-carssustainability.

Growing Sustainability By Design

Take for example the car manufacturing industry: Nissan, Ford, Honda and Toyota have all put in-dash driving games into their hybrid and electric cars. This strategy of putting a game in the dashboard reinforces better driving, creating less impact on global resources.

The Ford Fusion has a green plant on the dash that grows fuller and lusher the better you drive. In the Nissan Leaf there is a Facebook connect where you can compare your eco-friendly driving skills to others in your network.

The design concept is tremendously meaningful – no consortium put pressure on these manufacturers to build these games to reinforce core sustainability values. It is all based on “Good Practical Fun” – creating revenue and good in the world. A response to reward is at the heart of gamification, Gabe Zichermann details in the video below.


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