January 19, 2020

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Chart-Topping Analytics: What CSRwire Readers Care About in the Fall of 2013

CSRwire reports the top corporate social responsibility and sustainability news for September 2013.


By Joe Sibilia

This month’s analytics further illustrate the diversity of interests of our audience. Our harried lives and quick bits of instant information create an appetite for some relaxation. But, we want to relax as quickly as we tweet.

Top News:

1. Deepak Chopra, M.D. Introduces the Dream Weaver App for iPhones and Androids to Meditate, Relax and Dream Instantly

Deepak Chopra, New Age guru and Indian-American physician, and David Mager, inventor and author, came together to create the Dream Weaver App for instant meditation and relaxation. I tried it, and it has become an added instrument to my meditation practice. Chopra and Mager’s news came in a resoundingDeepak Chopra number one for the month.

2. Chevron Tried to Bribe Ecuador Judge with $1 Million Payment on Eve of RICO Trial

Once again the fight between Chevron and the Ecuadorian tribes continues to inspire attention. In a move that could end Chevron’s RICO trial before it starts, Ecuadorian villagers and their lawyer have turned over proof that the oil giant has engaged in a “pattern of misconduct and corruption” by offering illicit payments and outright bribes to secure favorable testimony.

This news came in number two for the month, begging the questions: When is Chevron going to respond? Do they think this is going to go away?

3. McDonald's USA, McDonald's Canada, And Their Franchisees Will Invest Over $6.5M In Agricultural Technical Assistance Program As Part Of Efforts To Increase Coffee Sustainability

Congratulations to McDonald’s for continuing their CSR efforts at creating a sustainable supply chain. With numerous restaurants worldwide and an iconoclastic brand, this company can really make a difference—if they decide to continue growing their influence year over year. News of their farmer technical assistance program for sustainable coffee sustainable-coffeeproduction came in number three for the month.

Top Articles on Talkback:

1. Campbell Becomes America's First Public Company to Acquire a Public Benefit Corporation: In Conversation with Plum Organics' Cofounder

New mom and our admired Editorial Director Aman Singh’s blog on Campbell’s recent acquisition of Plum Organics provided some great insight into the emerging public benefit corporation phenomena. Her blog came in number one for the month.

2. Visions of the Future: CSR, Sustainable Business & Capitalism in 2020

Dr. Wayne Visser, founder of Kaleidoscope Futures, founder of CSR International and author of 17 books, provided a 12-week clinic, Searching for Sustainable Business, on his vision for CSR 2.0 and closed the series with 10 visions for the future. His list makes for interesting and provocative reading. This blog ranked The_Quest_for_Sustainable_Businessnumber two for the month.

3. How Corporate India Can Leverage a Mandatory CSR Bill to Shift Gears for the Long Term

Whether you believe in voluntary or mandatory disclosure, most CSR practioners believe in corporate philanthropy. But, combining mandatory disclosure with philanthropy has not been an experiment embraced, yet, in the Western world.

“The (Indian) Parliament approved the new Companies Bill, which mandates that companies of a certain size spend 2% of their three-year average annual profit towards corporate social responsibility (CSR), is a landmark one as it makes India among the first nations to have social welfare spending as part of company statute by law.”

India’s experiment with a mandatory CSR bill to shift some of their society’s burdens onto the business world is worth watching. This blog by Namrata Rana came in number three for the month. However, I predict a lot more attention (both positive and negative) being focused on this new law.

September’s Top Events:

1. Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility 2013

CSR is a natural cousin to spiritual thought. The notion that we are all connected and each and every action has an impact on each and every one of us is fully embraced in many Asian cultures and traditions. The Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, since 2002, has been gathering steam and recently has been given much attention as the premier CSR event in Southeast Asia. This was the most popular event for the month.

2. UN-REDD & Code REDD Present REDD+ Talks: NYC

The REDD+ Talks: NYC event at the Bronx Zoo showcased that celebrity need not be just a pretty face. Actor Ed Norton gave an impassioned presentation on the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and really put the urgency of forestry and land conservation into perspective. This event came in number two for the month – demonstrating the passion, enthusiasmWebFilings-CSR and controversy surrounding carbon offsets.

3. 8 Steps to Kick-Start Your CSR Reporting Process

Traveling from Asia to New York and Africa to the virtual world, our audience continues to inspire me. This WebFilings webinar, designed to simplify and control compliance reporting, acts as another “disruptive change” to traditional business activities.

“WebFilings provides a powerful platform featuring complete, end-to-end solutions that allow team members to work in unison, as if from the same desk. This innovative approach enables teams to be dramatically more efficient and transforms traditional business reporting.”

This was an incredibly popular webinar event, and came in number three for the month.

Until next time…

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