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Holy Land Principles Call To Action

Warnings of sabotage attempts

Submitted by: Holy Land Principles, Inc

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Posted: Mar 10, 2015 – 01:00 PM EST


WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 10 /CSRwire/ - There has been a strong outpouring of support for the Holy Land Principles campaign following its precedent-setting victory with the SEC.

The SEC ruled in favor of the Holy Land Principles and against Intel, GE and Corning when these three companies tried to exclude the Holy Land Principles resolutions from their 2015 Proxy Material.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus— President of the Capitol Hill-based Holy Land Principles (and President of the Irish National Caucus)— said: “ Now we must win the vote at the Annual Shareholders Meeting, which are as follows : GE—Annual Meeting, April 22; Corning—Annual Meeting , April 30; and Intel—Annual Meeting, May 21, 2015.

We urge all concerned lovers of justice to email the Investor Relations Contacts (IRCs) for these tree companies GE (; Corning (; and Intel ( urging the company to sign Holy Land Principles. Just address them as “Dear IRC.”

Fr. Mc Manus explained: “ The inherent decency, intrinsic fairness, and compelling reasonableness of the Holy Land Principles campaign is fastly gaining traction. I have no doubt it will be as effective as the Mac Bride Principles, upon which the Holy Land Principles are based.”

Sabotage Warnings

But then Fr. Mc Manus warned: “With the Mac Bride Principles campaign, I was guided by the well-known principle: For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. It may be known as Newton’s third law of motion but for me it became the first law of the Mac Bride campaign: Every time we made progress the British government and the companies came up with a plan to sabotage our campaign. For example: They got a well known religious leader in Northern Ireland to secretly circulate a letter among corporate responsibility groups and religious organization in the United States. The letter had the chutzpah to pretend it desired to make the Mac Bride Principles better and more effective when in fact it was, instead,  all about sabotaging the Mac Bride Principles. Now a similar letter has been exposed relating to the Holy Land Principles. It too pretends good faith; even has the chutzpah to presume to explain the genesis of the Holy Land Principles; and it too is designed to misrepresent and to sabotage. But it, too, will fail, I promise.” 

Fr. Mc Manus concluded: “ I am certain people will recognize it is peculiar that on the heels of the important victory with the SEC — which people of good faith greatly welcomed — that such a peculiar letter would appear. Cui bono? Who profits from such under-hands tactics? Only the enemies of fair employment.”

For more information, please contact:

Sean Mc Manus President
Phone: 202-544-0568
Fax: 202-488-7537
Barbara Flaherty Executive Vice President
Phone: 202-544-0568
Fax: 202-488-7537


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