June 19, 2018

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Turn On the Dark Campaign Launched for International Dark Sky Week!

Donated Music by Haikaa Available

Submitted by: The Zoological Lighting Institute

Categories: Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted: Apr 21, 2014 – 03:47 PM EST


NEW YORK, Apr. 21 /CSRwire/ - Artificial Night Lighting doesn’t simply annoy wildlife, it changes the physiology, sensory ecology and behavior of animals to the point where they cannot function and die out. To combat this problem, The Zoological Lighting Institute <<www.zoolighting.org>> announces the‘TURN ON THE DARK’Song and Campaign << www.turnonthedark.org>>, with generous artistic support from Brazilian-Japanese musician Haikaa <<www.haikaa.com>>, in celebration of the International Dark Sky Association’s International Dark Sky Week (20 April - 26 April) <<www.dark-sky.org>>. Celebrate the night, learn of its importance and take action to solve the challenges of artificial night light and its restrictions upon the natural luminous environment.

Proceeds of the new song‘Turn On the Dark™’(either on iTunes™ or Reverbnation™), support Scholarships, Grants and Post-Doctorates offered by The Zoological Lighting Institute. The song has also been made available for CSR Product Placement. Please contact The Zoological Lighting Institute™ for more details. Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunities are also available to support the ZLI Scholarship Program directly or/and through an International Concert Tour with Haikaa to be hosted in aquariums, zoos and planetariums around the globe.

The Zoological Lighting Institute supports research in relatively ignored fields, photobiology and photo-ecology. It provides scholarships to researchers undertaking work in biology and ecology, examining the interactions of natural and artificial light with all life. Photobiology is an important science with implications for health, wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. The Zoological Lighting Institute seeks to save natural ‘luminous' environments through this research and to encourage best artificial lighting practices to enhance ‘Photo-diversity’, the complex variations of luminous habitat.

Haikaa is a multicultural artist with a holistic view of life. Her songs reflect the many states of consciousness that the human experience offers. Sadness, anger, fear, courage, love, faith, joy are all a part of her emotionally diverse musical repertoire. Just as light cannot be narrowed down to dark and bright, Haikaa believes emotions cannot be broken down into good and bad. She seeks to express emotional nuances that often times occur simultaneously, in a complex and contradictory fashion. Haikaa’s multicultural background has given rise to a desire to withstand, understand and embrace the wealth that is inherent to diversity.

For more information, please contact:

James Karl Fischer Executive Director
Phone: 973-979-1984
Twitter: zoolighter


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