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New York Like You Never Saw: New Online Platform Connects Green Consumers With Green Businesses

Submitted by: Good & Green Guides

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Posted: Feb 06, 2013 – 11:05 AM EST


NEW YORK, Feb. 06 /CSRwire/ - With years of research by students, volunteers and specialists in sustainability, publisher of world’s first series of sustainable travel guides is moving into New York to rediscover the Green Apple and promote responsible tourism. With the planet’s only series of sustainable travel guides of cities presenting... GOOD AND GREEN GUIDE NEW YORK: 1.500 of New York’s coolest organic bars, vegan restaurants, ecofriendly hotels, fair trade shops, yoga studios, charities and more. All researched, reviewed and rated independently. A crowdfunding project via will be launched this November to support the research in New York. Learn more:

Globe's only series of sustainable travel guides goes online and uncovers New York's hidden treasures. Our world cities are jawdropping islands with hidden sustainable treasures that needs GGG productsto be uncovered. World's only series of sustainable travel guides, Good & Green Guides, goes ashore in New York. We research, review and rate the finest newest and coolest good & green places and create a 320 pages travel guide book, eBook, App for iPhone plus a new innovative online platform (free of charge).

What New Yorkers say: "We salute this New York guide" (Herve Houdre, one of America's most respected hoteliers), "Sustainability for all" (Aman Singh, CSRwire/Forbes), "Really cool" (Katharina Bierce, intrapreneur), "Essential element in dining" (Andrew Linick, food critic related with executive chef of the White House), "The go to solution" (Eliza Starbuck, sustainable fashion initiator), "The sooner the better" ( Nimet Degirmencioglu, chair New York fairtrade coalition), "Positive impact" (Tina Threston, director Travel writers association), "Very essential" (Mona Miri, Treehugger/Environmentalist Journal), "Ideal companion" (Mathew McDermid, GreenOrder), "Excellent Source" (Gary Bagley, director NewYorkCares), "The right guide" (Gunter Pauli, The Blue Economy), "Fun & Easy" (Sass Brown, EcoFashionTalk).

Founder Harold Verhagen: “I’ve founded Good & Green Guides in 2009 to show our readers that cities have so many cool & sustainable bars, restaurants, hotels and shops that normal travel guides do not write about. We are still world’s first sustainable travel guides for cities.”

Mission statement Good & Green Guides
We aim to create good & green guides for every city on the planet, keep them up-­‐to-­‐date and available for all people living in or traveling to cities.

Good & Green Guides are...
Consumers in cities can easily find cool and green bars, fabulous veggie & vegan restaurants, hip ecofriendly hotels, fun and fair shops, eco fashion shops, farmers markets, GGG portfolioparks and low carbon transport options and much more.
UNIQUE. World’s only series of sustainable and cool travel guides of cities. Already available now for London and 19 Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and all capitals of Dutch provinces. All guides are in English language.
HIGH QUALITY. Every guidebook is created by tens of students and volunteers with a green lifestyle doing months of research in cities in search of the best good and green hotspots. All data is reviewed by experts in sustainability and sector specialists resulting in hundreds of descriptions of organisations -­‐ all researched, reviewed and rated – including 200 exclusive photos, unfolding crystal clear maps, inspiring intros by prominents and experts.
POSITIVE. While earth’s population grows rapidly, especially in cities, and the planet is running out of fossil fuels, Good & Green Guides like to stay positive. Cities already offer many places that support a sustainable lifestyle to citizens and tourists and our guide books brings this together. Started in 2009, at the beginning of the global financial crisis, we discovered the need of these guide books and wanted to use our positive power to go on and create guides for many great cities.
CLIMATE NEUTRAL. Good & Green Guides is an independent not for profit publisher having sold already 10.000 copies. All our guide books. Ebooks and the App are climate neutral via the Fair Climate Fund and available in bookshops and online via Amazon and Apple iTunes.
UP-TO-DATE. The guide books are also available as an intuitive user friendly App with all organisations integrated in the Good & Green Guide App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch including customer reviews and update system to keep data up to date.
GOOD EXAMPLE. Many cities around the world showed their interest in our guides, including “C40” global cities connected with the Clinton Climate Initiative, all doing major efforts to care for our environment. These Dutch Design travel guide books gives a good and green example by supporting cities around the world and inspire consumers in other countries to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

Friends of Good & Green Guides

Good & Green Guides is world wide supported by it’s advisory board, advocates and leaders towards a sustainable world.

  • Herman Wijffels: Former CEO Rabobank, SER and World Bank, Co-­‐chairman World Connectors [Utrecht, Holland]
  • Maurits Groen: Co-­‐founder Off-­‐Grid Solutions, producer of WakaWaka solar LED-­‐lamp [Amsterdam, Holland]
  • Ervin László: President Club of Budapest, with members like Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Yunus and Peter Gabriel [Pisa, Italy]
  • Shaun McCarthy: Leading advocate of sustainable business, chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 [London, UK]
  • Jenny Jones: London Assembly Member for Green Party, former Deputy Mayor of London and archaeologist [London, UK]
  • Erin Schrode: Co-­‐founder of Teens Turning Green, youth leader, global media personality, and NYU student [New York, USA]
  • Vera Tochetti: founder and CEO at EcoalSur, ecotravel in Latin America, creative developer [Montevideo, Uruguay]
  • Elissa Sursara: ecologist and correspondent working with large environmental organizations in the world [Sydney, Australia]
  • Ayako Ezaki: director of Communications, The International Ecotourism Society [Tokyo, Japan]
  • Mwikali Muthiani: member of the International Executive Committee of Amnesty International [Nairobi, Kenya]

C40 participating cities
Addis Ababa, Athens, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Caracas, Chicago, Delhi NCT, Dhaka, Hanoi, Houston, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Karachi, Lagos, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Warsaw.

C40 affiliate cities: Amsterdam, Austin, Barcelona, Basel, Changwon, Copenhagen, Curitiba, Heidelberg, Ho Chi Minh City, Milan, New Orleans, Portland, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Santiago, Seattle, Stockholm, and Yokohoma.

C40 observer cities: Republic of Singapore.

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Twitter: @haroldggg
Phone: +31614151951


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