June 23, 2018

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Innovative Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel Now Available for Sale Online at Office Depot

Scientifically re-engineered hand towel reduces bacterial contamination and transmission without changing hand washing and drying habits

Submitted by: Cascades Inc.

Categories: Green Products & Services, Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted: Jan 10, 2013 – 11:11 AM EST


WATERFORD, N.Y., Jan. 10 /CSRwire/ - Cascades Tissue Group (TSX: CAS) today announced that the Cascades® Antibacterial paper towel is currently available for purchase at Office Depot (NYSE: ODP) via, www.officedepot.com. The offering makes Office Depot the first national retailer to sell this novel product, since it’s launch to the U.S. away-from-home market in October 2012. The Cascades Antibacterial paper towel minimizes hand contamination by killing over 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria almost instantly, unlike ordinary paper towels.

Since 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hand, the lack of proper hand hygiene – namely inadequate hand washing and drying practices – continues to be a consistent, if not deadly, problem. The distinctly green-colored Cascades Antibacterial paper towel can fit anywhere, doesn’t require additional steps and compensates for people’s imperfect hygiene habits without changing the way they wash or dry their hands. When placed in contact with wet hands, the towel releases Benzalkonium Chloride. This active ingredient has been used safely in common products like gel sanitizers, baby wipes and antiseptic skin solutions since 1935, but is unique to dry paper towels.

Cascades performed several third-party laboratory tests to ensure the safety and efficacy on the Antibacterial Paper Towel. Microbiologists reported that the Antibacterial paper towel, when used after washing hands with soap and water, provides a more hygienic result versus alcohol-based gels and other hand sanitizers. While these other products kill bacteria and are useful when there is no water and soap available, they don’t remove the organic matter (grease, dirt, blood, etc.) often found on hands. First cleared by Health Canada, Cascades Tissue Group’s innovative paper product now also complies with the regulation and policies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“We’re delighted that this product, which makes such good common sense as it relates to hand hygiene and human health, is now available through Office Depot,” said Suzanne Blanchet, CEO of Cascades Tissue Group and product champion. “This represents a major milestone in that people nationwide now have convenient access to such a major tool for thwarting the spread of bacteria.”

Cascades Tissue Group produced the Antibacterial paper towel using its unsurpassed environmental practices. The product contains 100 percent recycled fiber, and is made using five times less water than the North American paper industry average.

About Cascades Tissue Group

Cascades Tissue Group is a division of manufacturing and packaging leader Cascades, Inc. (CAS Toronto Exchange), a pioneer in recycled paper manufacturing. The division has 18 mills spread throughout North America, including 10 in the United States. Its towel and tissue products are generally considered single-use goods – a fact motivating Cascades to remain an industry model of forward-thinking manufacturing, sustainability and carbon avoidance. For more information about the Cascades Antibacterial Towel, visit www.cascades.com/bacteria. For more information about Cascades Tissue Group as an organization, visit www.afh.cascades.com or follow Cascades on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CascadesSD.

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