June 23, 2018

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EuroCharity Yearbook 2012/13 - Innovation for Excellence

The 6th annual international edition will be released in June

Submitted by: Global Sustain Limited (Ltd.)

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Posted: Dec 12, 2012 – 10:47 AM EST


ATHENS, Greece and BRUSSELS, Belgium, Dec. 12 /CSRwire/ - After five years of publishing success, EuroCharity is once again paving the way for constructive dialogue among key stakeholders regarding a highly important and global issue. This year, EuroCharity chose for its 6th Yearbook the theme "Innovation for Excellence", because more than ever today’s local and global challenges call for innovative solutions in technological, social and sustainable issues. The publication will be showcasing pioneering corporations, organisations and CEOs who have embraced innovation and explore new, more effective and sustainable ways of growth that lead to excellence.

By embracing innovation, corporations lower costs become more competitive, generate better products and services, gaining at the same time competitive advantage. Without doubt, innovation can contribute to a better world by turning new and creative ideas into real life solutions for a sustainable future.

The 6th EuroCharity Yearbook will profile leading CEOs, corporations and organisations that are leading the way when it comes to innovation. It will also future leading decision-makers, visionary entrepreneurs, Nobel Laureates, top university professors, scientists, gurus and other specialists to share their views in this 164-page album, along with extensive research and photographic material.

The publication will be released in June and presented at a global audience in Athens and in Brussels.

The deadline for expression of interest to participate expires on 31 December, 2012.

For information regarding the Yearbook series you may visit: www.eurocharity.eu/en/yearbook or contact Ms. Ilektra Liberopoulou, Marketing & Communications Manager: ilektra.liberopoulou@eurocharity.org.

About Yearbooks

The idea of launching the first EuroCharity Yearbook germinated when Greece faced an environmental and social crisis of unprecedented dimensions – devastating forest fires. The inaugural "EuroCharity Yearbook 2007 - The Spirit of the Forest - The response of the corporate world to the catastrophic fires of 2007" was published in June 2008.

A year later, the EuroCharity Yearbook 2008 on Sustainability and Green Development, was released. It focused on the impact of green economy on competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, by showcasing green products and services developed by companies as well as policies and incentives that foster investments and initiatives in the green economy.

The third "EuroCharity Yearbook 2009 - It's a matter of culture" was launched in June 2010 and highlighted the importance and many aspects of corporate culture and the need of companies to adopt values, vision and mission that include corporate responsibility principles along with their business strategy.

The "EuroCharity Yearbook 2010 - The Future of Responsible Investing", which came out in June 2011, informed key stakeholders on the latest trends, research, indices, best practices, case studies, intelligence and viewpoints related to this important theme. This international publication was presented in three European capital cities.

The "EuroCharity Yearbook 2011/12 - Leadership for Sustainability" addressed the need to adopt sustainability in leadership training and development, showcased corporate sustainability leadership best practices and presented authoritative opinions and insightful research findings on the progress and challenges in leadership for sustainability.

About EuroCharity - The reference point for sustainability

Established in 2006, EuroCharity maintains offices in Athens and in Brussels. It is a rapidly-expanding family of members and offers innovative on-line and off-line services to 470+ members from the corporate, financial, public, third and academic sectors. The firm owns and daily updates the carbon neutral Web portal www.eurocharity.eu that acts as a reference point for sustainability. EuroCharity also publishes a multi-stakeholder Yearbook, a comprehensive fortnightly e-newsletter, facilitates networking among members (M2M), organises events and the Sustainability Forum, a training, networking and professional development event. www.eurocharity.eu.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Spanos Managing Partner
Phone: +30 210 927 1116
Phone 2: +30 210 927 1110
Fax: +30 210 927 1119
Ilektra Liberopoulou Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone: +30 210 927 1115
Phone 2: +30 210 927 1120
Fax: +30 210 927 1119

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