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IKEA Bikers Take to the Road!

Submitted by: IKEA

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Posted: Jun 27, 2011 – 08:00 AM EST


CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Jun. 27 /CSRwire/ - It was December 2010 when 12,000 IKEA US co-workers were surprised to find out that IKEA US was gifting each of them with a brand new bicycle. Why? It was a big IKEA holiday gift 'thank you' for each co-worker's dedication, commitment and great work. It was also another way to share a good healthy lifestyle message; biking is fun, sustainable and a great cardio-exercise!

Now the flat packed - easy to assemble - bikes are out of the cold winter boxes and on the streets across America. And many of these bikes have even been re-gifted to IKEA stores' local charities.

On the charitable front, the list of organizations receiving the IKEA bikes is notable. The IKEA US home office in Conshohocken, PA and the distribution center in Perryville, PA donated 150 bikes to K.I.D.S., a global charity that's committed to helping improve the lives of children and their families who are ill, living in poverty, or are victims of natural disasters. The Atlanta store donated 21 bikes to CHRIS kids, a non-profit organization that supports residential and community organizations supporting children, youth and families. IKEA Paramus donated 19 bikes to Youth Consultation Services. And IKEA Houston gave 20 bikes to two local youth inner-city organizations. IKEA Carson donated some bikes to the Carson Boys & Girls Club which in turn were used for the Carson High School Teen Program; a club of about 140 members who get educational and emotional support.

Recently, IKEA bikers on their IKEA gift bike were showing up for "Ride Cincinnati," a breast cancer research fund raiser. One IKEA co-worker clocked-in at 26 miles.

As for IKEA co-worker bicyclists, there has been an uptick on biking to work in some areas. Lorna Montalvo, IKEA Brooklyn local marketing specialist has seen an increase in bikers to the Brooklyn urban store. "On any given day, we see at least 10 IKEA bikes in our bike rack. I would say that about 8% of IKEA co-workers bike to work now."

An IKEA Atlanta co-worker recently explained that she was excited to take her Dad on biking adventures. She gave the bike to her Dad for his 55th birthday and stated that he was the 12th of 13 children and never got to have a bicycle. "He had joined the military, they taught him how to ride in basic training, but after all his education, business success, world travels, he never had a bike of his own," she commented.

Why a bike? Because when it comes to sustainable transport, a bicycle is a great option. And when it comes to healthy living, riding a bike is one of the best cardio forms of exercise. Here are some facts.

  • Bicycling is an excellent cardio-vascular exercise, which promotes heart health. Just like in any other aerobic workout, bicycling makes your heart pump harder. Also, blood circulation increases and eventually your resting heart rate will decrease. (; Benefits of Bicycling by Erich Rosenberger M.D.)

  • On average, commuting 10 miles a day by bike in 30 minutes, instead of driving a car burns 110,250 calories (keeping off 30 pounds of fat each year). (Sources: Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia,,,

  • Cycling just 20 miles a week can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. (Sources: Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia,,,

  • Countries with the highest levels of cycling and walking generally have the lowest obesity rates. (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)


For Sustainable living, bicycling also has many benefits

  • Bicycling reduces polluting emissions. A short, four mile round trip by a bike keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air we breathe. (WorldWatch Institute,

  • In 2001 walking and bicycling accounted for 23 billion miles traveled, worth billions of dollars in fuel savings alone. (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)

  • In one year, riding a bike versus owning and driving a car will save an individual $8,000 in gasoline and general car maintenance and insurance costs. (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia)


IKEA strives to be 'The Life Improvement Store' and since its 1943 founding in Sweden, IKEA has offered home furnishings of good design and function, at low prices so the majority of people can afford them. There are currently more than 320 IKEA stores in 38 countries, including 37 in the US. IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings company, incorporates sustainable efforts into day to day business and supports initiatives that benefit children and the environment. For more information, go to

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