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New Book from Governance & Accountability Institute, 'Strategic Governance,' Offers Business Leaders Opportunity to Integrate Governance with Strategy, Risk, Culture & Corporate Responsibility to Achieve Financial, Environmental & Social Sustainability

Strategic Governance a much needed advancement to the sustainability construct; Co-authored by globally-recognized governance expert Mark W. Sickles and corporate strategist and experienced crisis manager Henry (Hank) Boerner

Submitted by: Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.

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Posted: Jan 31, 2011 – 08:23 AM EST


NEW YORK, Jan. 31 /CSRwire/ - Boards and managers seeking direction about the "hows" and "whys" of making their business more sustainable and to enhance public reporting on the company's sustainability performance and progress have a new resource: Strategic Governance. The book is designed by the authors to provide business leaders with "must-have" knowledge that helps them "walk the talk" of an integrated approach to financial, environmental, and social responsibility. Executives can then better "talk the talk" of sustainability through an integrated reporting framework based on the same strategic governance system of purpose, principles, and methodology they utilized to achieve it.

Published by Governance & Accountability Institute (New York City), Strategic Governance is co-authored by global corporate governance expert, organizational architect and prominent keynote speaker Mark W. Sickles, and Henry ("Hank") Boerner, experienced corporate strategist and crisis manager. (Both are Fellows of the Institute.) (Book cover art and authors' art available upon request).

Strategic Governance offers corporate leaders a forward-looking, principle-based system of organizational intelligence that, in the words of one of the authors' clients, "took away our opportunities to fail."

Strategic Governance presents a unique opportunity for corporate managers and boards to reorient their thinking about what is possible for their organizations through the introduction of an enlightened, principle-based governance regime.

Central to the book's theme is The Universal Purpose of Corporate Governance, created under Mr. Sickles' direction by a cadre of global business leaders and governance opinion leaders during the third Annual MENA Regional Corporate Governance Congress held in Dubai in 2009: "The Universal Purpose of Corporate Governance is to integrate ethical, professional and industry values and standards into firm-level cultures that enable boards and executives to develop winning strategies, better manage risk, meet the needs and expectations of the firm's stakeholders and fulfill the firm's responsibility for a more sustainable world." (See YouTube video conversation on this topic between Mr. Sickles and Professor Mervyn E. King - Chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee of the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC), and one of the co-architects of The Purpose - here. Professor King describes the content of Strategic Governance as "excellent.")

Co-author Hank Boerner, Chairman/CEO, G&A Institute notes: "Today's heart-stopping crisis facing a CEO and his or her management team and board most likely can be traced to an earlier breakdown in the company's culture. Your company need not be the next failed company; the Strategic Governance System, of which the book is a major component, helps leaders create ethical and successful companies in which they and their stakeholders can take pride."

The authors note the IIRC, formed in August 2010 by the Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) and GRI, has as its stated purpose the creation of a globally-accepted framework for accounting for sustainability: a framework which brings together financial, environmental, social and governance information in a clear, concise, consistent and comparable format - put briefly, in an "integrated" format. The intention is to help with the development of more comprehensive and comprehensible information about an organization's total performance, prospective as well as retrospective, to meet the needs of the emerging, more sustainable, global economic model.

"Because it's a principle-based, root-cause solution to business problems, the Governance & Accountability Institute's Strategic Governance Standard for Integrated Reporting on Sustainability is a sound basis for implementing such a framework," asserts co-author Mark W. Sickles. "This integrated approach to governance, strategy and sustainability can be mastered through GAI's Strategic Governance Certification Curriculum, followed by an action-based implementation of the Strategic Governance System."

Strategic Governance as a book is available in paperback on and Kindle edition (please click here). For more information, visit:

Notes: In their videotaped conversation, Mr. Sickles and Professor King discuss the synergistic relationship between Strategic Governance and the integrated reporting standards of GRI, which request the global business community to disclose how they integrate governance with strategy, risk, culture and corporate responsibility to enable financial, environmental, and social sustainability; Strategic Governance provides the principle-based methodology needed to actually do it, thereby fulfilling The Universal Purpose of Corporate Governance.

The Strategic Governance book is a part of a system, serving as the first stage of the reader's governance and sustainability journey. The second stage, Strategic Governance Service, picks up where the book leaves off, providing an integrated curriculum and advisory services designed to create intelligent organizations in which ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. The third stage, Strategic Governance Software Implementation, will enable client firms to codify and institutionalize their newly developed Strategic Governance discipline, ensuring the "stickiness" essential to sustainable competitive advantage.

Background about Mark Sickles, Hank Boerner and Governance & Accountability Institute follows.

About Mark W. Sickles: Mr. Sickles is an organizational architect, advisor to board directors and executives, established author and renowned keynote speaker. Recognized around the world as the creator of the Shareholder Value Assurance (SVA) methodology, Mr. Sickles has provided the global business community with a superior governance regime by integrating governance, strategy, risk, culture and corporate responsibility. He is rapidly becoming one of the most influential authorities in the world on this critical topic of Strategic Governance. Mr. Sickles' practice of SVA and Strategic Governance over the years has created billions of dollars of shareholder value for clients firms in multiple industry sectors. One client firm said of Mr. Sickles: "Using his methodologies, Mark removed our opportunities to fail," reflecting a dramatic increase in this firm's profitability and a doubling of its market value in just two years. Mr. Sickles may be reached at

About Hank Boerner: Chairman and CEO of Governance & Accountability Institute, a New York-based global research, news monitoring, knowledge management and strategic advisory services provider organization, serving clients in the corporate sector, capital markets, public sector and not-for-profit sector. He has been a business strategist and management consultant and advisor for more than 25 years, frequently assisting clients with issues in management services and programs, and response to critical events and crises situations. His areas of expertise include: public and institutional governance, shareholder activism, sustainable and responsible investment, disclosure and transparency, corporate social responsibility, third-party engagement, and capital markets activities. The Institute monitors global trends in ESG and Sustainability investing and corporate responsibility. Mr. Boerner may be reached via email at

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