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Book Release: THE 100-Mile Walk: A Father and Son on a Quest to Find the Essence of Leadership

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Categories: Business Ethics

Posted: Jun 06, 2006 – 12:00 AM EST


"May this book serve as a guidepost to a life of leadership in which the mission is always about something bigger - something further out there beyond the horizon."
-- Senator John Glenn, from the Foreword

"...they aim to develop a common picture of the essence of leadership--agreement on what characterizes those special people that others follow--
and in this engagingly written, disarmingly personal book, they do....
readers ready to take an unusual walk with the Flaums will be well rewarded." Amazon.com

After more than two decades of being at the helm of global marketing and advertising corporations, seasoned CEO, Sander A. Flaum, age 65, realized that the majority of books on leadership were written "by old guys for old guys like me." No one was addressing the leadership riddle and workplace realities of his 20 to 30-something employees and MBA students. Unlike his dad, Jonathon A. Flaum, a 35-year old entrepreneur and Zen practitioner, who leads his own creative communications consultancy, believes that work/life balance is essential to a leader's practice.

Intrigued by their philosophical differences, Sander and Jon decide to take a hike together to exchange views on the contemporary tools new and seasoned leaders need to drive their careers forward. In THE 100-MILE WALK: A Father and Son on a Quest to Find the Essence of Leadership (AMACOM Books; January 2006; $24.95), Sander and Jonathon retrace their year's journey which took them on strolls through the streets of New Orleans and Manhattan, hikes up the Blue Ridge Mountains, long treks on the Appalachian Trail, and jogs on the Long Island coast. Along the way, they literally talked the talk while walking the walk sharing what they have learned from the many leaders, both corporate and non-profit, who were speakers at the Fordham Leadership Forum which Sander chairs at New York's Fordham University Graduate School of Business.

"Every generation and personality leads in its own way," Sander observes. "To move forward together, we have to lead with each other in mind."

Drawing on conversations and never before published leadership commentary from on-the-ground, real-world leaders, THE 100-MILE WALK sheds light not only on generational differences in leadership, but work style issues as well. As they exchange points of view, Sander and Jon come to agree on the key traits and practices essential to all leaders - "The Nine Ps of Leadership."

The Flaums illustrate each of the nine traits with insights from 32 leaders including:

  • Thomas Von Essen, Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department during the horrific disaster of 9/11

  • Faith Popcorn, noted trend forecaster and bestselling author

  • Bill Toppeta, president of MetLife International credited with doubling revenues while leading 47,000 in staff

  • Howard Safir, who Rudy Giuliani called NYC's best police commissioner

  • Lionel Nowell, senior vice president and treasurer of Pepsico responsible for worldwide financial activities

  • Gerald Belle, executive chairman of Merial Ltd., who led a successful post-merger integration of two global pharmaceutical industry giants

  • Frances Hesselbein, chairperson of the Leader to Leader Institute and former CEO of the Girl Scouts of America

  • Jeff Rich, the dynamic young CEO of Allied Computer Services, one of the nation's leading growth companies

  • Robert Essner, chairman and CEO of Wyeth, NYSE multi-billion dollar company

  • Myrtle Potter, former COO of Genentech, named to Time Magazine's list of "Young Global Business Influentials" and

    Fortune's list of the "Most Powerful Black Executives in America"

    THE 100-MILE WALK traverses the generational divide, with common sense and sensitive comment illuminating the path to a promising new leadership era.

    THE 100-MILE WALK: A Father and Son on a Quest to Find the Essence of Leadership

    by Sander A. Flaum and Jonathon A. Flaum with Mechele Flaum
    Foreword by the Senator John Glenn
    January 2006, AMACOM;
    $24.95; 0-8144-0863-X

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