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New Business Book Gives Textbook Theory The Big Kiss Off

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Posted: Jul 19, 2006 – 02:18 PM EST


Business Expert Writes the Playbook on 'How To' Ethically Execute for Extraordinary Results

NEW YORK--Seasoned corporate executive Bob Prosen cuts like a laser through the fog of political correctness and business-as-usual in his new book, Kiss Theory Good Bye:Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company (Gold Pen Publishing, August 2006, $21.95).

Prosen, who spent 25 years as an executive with top global companies including AT&T, Sprint, Hitachi, NCR, and Sabre, says he's had enough of the business books that tell readers what to do rather than how. "Forget the platitudes and feel-good anecdotes from a few CEOs and business gurus. Get to the point--the how-to details that can actually help leaders get the results they need in the companies they run," Prosen counsels.

With the same genius that he used to turn around inherited, underperforming operations within 12 to 18 months in some of the world's most prominent companies, Prosen delivers a straightforward, no-nonsense, battle proven guide to ethically accelerate performance in any organization.

"A smart business leader can achieve unprecedented bottom-line results by forsaking abstract discussions and vague textbook theory, shutting down endless excuses, killing off company politics, and simply doing things that clearly work," the New Yorker turned Texan reports.

Prosen exposes the glaring gap between the business plan and its ultimate achievement. His conviction that execution produces results led him to establish of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement. There he teaches CEOs and talented business leaders on the rise that executing for results is as fundamental as acting on five basic building blocks:

  • Superior Leadership--the relentless pursuit of vision and results
  • Sales Effectiveness--the organization's lifeline
  • Operational Excellence--minding every last detail for extraordinary results
  • Financial Management--extracting power and wisdom from the numbers
  • Customer Loyalty--the win that keeps on giving

    Contrary to the book's seemingly corporate focus, Prosen clients quickly point out that his business execution principles apply equally to not-for-profit organizations. As Los Angeles Unified School District Business Manager Michael A. Eugene reports, "Kiss Theory Good Bye is a compelling read, offering a toolbox to public- and private-sector managers alike to help establish clear focus, effective management, and measurable outcomes."

    Never subscribing to superficial instructions, Prosen drills down into the five building blocks that support superior business execution. Inside each principle he reveals the critical tools and tactics for successful execution.

    Bottom line: Kiss Theory Good Bye readers will learn how to ethically execute for highly profitable results, close the gap between planning and execution, become their competitors' worst fear, measure results that matter most, focus on the significant few versus the important many, use communication as the critical path for achieving results, and maintain the gains they've made by following Prosen's lead.

    While other business books try to tell you what to do to run your business better, faster and for greater profit, Bob Prosen's Kiss Theory Good Bye gives you the tools and step-by-step directions to make it happen. For leaders who demand superior results, Kiss Theory Good Bye delivers the goods for taking immediate - and lasting - action.

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    Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company
    By Bob Prosen
    Gold Pen Publishing
    Publication date: August 2006
    $21.95 / 256 Pages / Hardcover
    ISBN 0-9776848-0-6

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