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Veratect Corporation Introduces Foreshadow(TM), a Revolutionary Fusion of Human and Synthetic Intelligence for Tracking Emerging Biological Risks

Submitted by: Veratect Corporation

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Posted: Oct 15, 2008 – 11:00 AM EST


Corporation provides early warning system for global corporate, government and NGO clients with intelligence never before made available to private sector

KIRKLAND,WA. - October 15, 2008 - The cost to the global economy by the spread of infectious diseases can now be substantially reduced by advances in early warning and early action, according to Robert Hart, President and CEO of the Veratect Corporation, the world's most advanced provider of early indicators and warnings of threats to human, animal and plant life.

Through its Foreshadow(TM) system, Veratect provides the earliest warning systems for global clients, taking huge strides in the fight against the impact and spread of disease by enabling swifter detection and access to information.

Robert Hart, President and CEO of Veratect explained, "Like all living things, societies react to external drivers in unique and subtle ways that are detectable and measurable. Over time, patterns emerge that are suggestive of the causes of disruption with clues that are culturally nuanced and indicative."

Veratect's proprietary data mining technology capabilities leverage this theory of social disruption by initially utilizing carefully targeted synthetic intelligence systems to collect data from sources worldwide, combine that data with proprietary information and then sort, correlate and rigorously quantify millions of data points daily to identify key indicators of biological risk.

However, it is how those patterns are subsequently analyzed that enables Foreshadow(TM) to provide the most accurate and earliest indicators and warnings of emerging infectious disease outbreaks. Hart explained, "Veratect developed a sophisticated and quantitative risk indexing and analysis methodology embodied in our Foreshadow(TM) system. Our highly trained analysts and subject matter experts, with native linguistic abilities and sensitivity to and familiarity with local cultural norms and extensive public health expertise, are able to determine if disruptions have biological origins and thereby achieve an unparalleled sensitivity, specificity and timeliness of alerts for our customers."

"We assembled the world's most experienced team of scientists, doctors, mathematicians, software engineers, subject matter experts and analysts, representing that most powerful set of innovators and practitioners in this new industry," said Hart.

The economic applications for Veratect are virtually unlimited given its analytical capabilities and global view across multiple industries. Foreshadow(TM) currently covers the majority of the world's populated areas across nearly 40 languages. Veratect's system currently monitors potential biological threats to more than one million discreet corporate locations and facilities as well as the world's shipping, power and transportation grids. Foreshadow(TM)'s corporate interface includes PEERview(TM), a proprietary economic exposure evaluation tool.

PEERview(TM) enables corporate users to apply their own specific measures and knowledge to Foreshadow(TM)'s risk identifications, at either an enterprise-wide or line of business basis, to quantify current economic risk and enable operational decisions or adjustments to mitigate impacts or make appropriate decisions to increase or decrease insurance coverage.

Veratect Foreshadow(TM) also monitors plant and animal disease providing warnings and protection to global agricultural interests. "The economic impact of such outbreaks as the spread of soybean rust, the FMD disaster in the United Kingdom in 2001 and the increase of such severe food safety threats as the E-coli outbreaks across the United States have caused billions of dollars in damages in recent years and such now outbreaks can be more effectively tracked," said Scot Land, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Veratect.

"In the last decade we have seen globalization greatly expand the reach, speed and efficiency of business," said Land. "Unfortunately, that globalization has had the same effect on disease. It now travels farther, faster and more efficiently than ever before and with potentially catastrophic consequences.”"

About Veratect
Leveraging concepts developed and tested over many years by government, Veratect was established in 2007 to provide the earliest detection of potential threats to human, animal and plant life while empowering corporations, government organizations, NGOs and global citizens with trusted and actionable information. By identifying risks early, actions can be taken that can save lives, enable effective loss control, preserve business processes, safeguard supply chain operations and facilities, and better manage financial reporting and insurance coverage.

For more information, please contact:

Clare Bowles Veratect Corporation
Phone: 1 (866) 599-9281
Phone 2: 1 (206) 499-4671
Kirstie Hepburn Global Leaders
Phone: +33 4 9373 9462


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