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Reversing Perception, Creating Impact:

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MGM executive team

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#BaBf: What Does it Mean to Brew a Better Future?

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Heineken sustainability goals

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When Corporate Citizenship Integrates with Business Strategy: In Conversation with

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What Does it Mean
to Compete to be
Best FOR the

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Badger Balm, Indigenous Designs

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Stakeholder Engagement

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5 Sustainability Goals

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Can Corporate Sustainability & Economic Growth Coexist?

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CSR Event

Ales for Autism: Black & White Beer Ball

Organizer: Ales for Autism

Date: 02.15.13, 08:00PM – 02.16.13, 01:00AM ET

Location:Santa Rosa Veterans Building, Santa Rosa, CA

Sponsor:Ales for Autism


This event will benefit in Santa Rosa.


Black & White Beer Ball
Friday, February 15, 2013
Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building

8pm - 1am with beer pouring stopping at midnight
We are adding a VIP Hour this year from 8pm - 9pm
21 and Over
Semi-Formal Dress


Ales for Autism is a fundraising non profit which creates beer related events to raise awareness and money for autism schools, research and care centers.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 707-235-6966


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