January 18, 2018

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CSRwire: Where News Gets Its News

CSRwire is the most trusted brand for quality Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability content distribution with 25 categories and multimedia channels.

CSRwire Readers:

With over 70,000 readers per month and nearly 60,000 News Alert subscribers, we deliver the latest news, press releases, CSR reports, events and provide expert commentary to a diverse global audience.

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CSRwire Audience:

We are a newswire service as well as our members' most trusted CSR advisor, working with them and their agencies on a wide range of services and solutions to support their marketing and communications strategies.

We specialize in social media and multimedia communication strategies, including blogs, targeted social media engagement campaigns, videos and packaging branded content delivery.

Targeted Distribution:

Not only do we help you reach your target audience through customizable distribution lists – here's a sample of media outlets – our dedicated team of media experts, account managers and editors understand that each client's needs, and audiences, are different and require delicate tailoring, expert strategy and measurable impressions.

To compliment our broad, worldwide distribution channels we also offer [all customizable and, therefore, measureable]:

  • U.S. Regional Distribution
  • U.S. Designated Market Area Distribution
  • Global Designated Market Area Distribution

Diverse Network…

Take a look at our diverse distribution and partners network, for example:

  • Targeted distribution: Engaging over 163,000 active users
  • Global membership: Over 7,000 organizations
  • Syndicated distribution: Over 87 million monthly views
  • Reaching over 224 countries and territories
  • Social Media: With our custom content creation and editorial services, your news will be distributed to a highly engaged—and the largest—network of CSR influencers and thought leaders on social media [Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+]

Offering Top of the Line Editorial Services with…

  • A Professional editorial staff: Your releases are reviewed by experienced editors
  • CSRlive: Curated content highlighting members' achievements, campaigns, etc.
  • Talkback: Critically-acclaimed, original commentary pieces on best practices, trends + reports
  • Strategic and optimized presence on social media: Continual engagement with members and other key stakeholders. Some of our daily contributors and connectors include:
    • Research organizations: The Aspen Institute, CROA, SustainAbility
    • Civil organizations: United Nations, Earth Day Canada, UNICEF, Global Partnerships, Fair Labor Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    • Media: Bloomberg, The Associated Press, Triple Pundit, Businessweek, Huffington Post, Forbes, The Guardian
    • Universities: Boston University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Harvard University, Lipscomb University
    • Member organizations: Social Venture Network, B Lab, United Nations Global Compact, Net Impact, Ceres, BCCCC
    • Corporations: UPS, FedEx, Cisco, Campbell Soup
    • Consultants: Brown Flynn, BSR, AccountAbility, Deloitte, McKinsey
    • Valuable CSR news archive: Popular tool for benchmarking and analysis
    • Search engine optimization: No. 1 website for CSR news according to third-party analytics
    • Comprehensive CSR organizations' directory
    • Dedicated Media Outreach: News organizations have regularly picked up CSRwire's press releases, events and reports, while often referring to our quality editorials since 2000. Some include:
      • Print Media

        Christian Science Monitor  |  Bloomberg  |  Businessweek  |  New York Daily News  |  New York TImes  |  The New Yorker  |  Philadelphia Inquirer  |  San Francisco Chronicle  |  The Wall Street Journal  |  The Washington Post
      • Web

        CNET Boston  |   Corporate Register  |  Corporate Responsibility Magazine  |  Corporate Secretary  |  The Daily Beast  |  Fast Company  |  Forbes  |  Google  |  Guardian  |  Marketplace - Washington Bureau  |  Mother Jones  |  NBC  |  Portfolio  |  U.S. News & World Report  |  Yahoo Finance
      • Broadcast/Radio

        ABC News: Good Morning America  |  CNN  |  Discovery  |  Fox News  |  National Public Radio  |  Voice of America
      • Newswires

        AFP Washington D.C.  |  Associated Press  |  Dow Jones Newswire  |  Reuters
      • Niche media

        Business Human Rights.org  |  Environmental Leader  |  Environmental News Network   |  Green Money Journal  |  Greenpeace  |  Law360  |  Matter Network  |  Sustanability.com  |  Sustainable Brands  |  Vault
    • A remarkable and continually growing Partner Network including:

      AccountAbility   |  Brown Flynn  |  BSR  | CSR Insight  | CSR Malaysia  |  Ekos TV  |  Entrepreneurs Foundation  |  Environmental Expert  | Ethical Performance  |  Mother Nature Network  |  Matter Network  |  Net Impact  |  Partners for Financial Stability  |  PR News Online  |  SRIR  |  Sustainability Institute  |  Sustainable Industries  |  Sustainable Business  |  The CSR Group  |  Trust Across America  |  U.S. Chamber BCLC
    • Custom RSS feeds and the popular CSRwire widget

    • Searchable Archive of more than 20,000 news items

  • …That is Actively Engaged and Continually Expanding

    Founded in 1999, CSRwire is the most trusted market leader offering:

                                   csrwire google bloomberg

Custom Analytics

There is little benefit of all our outreach and readership if we cannot provide our members with analytics. So, we follow up all distribution with custom analytics. These analytics help pinpoint where your communication strategy is having the most impact and offer useful insights for planning your next communication campaign.

Make CSRwire part of your CSR & Sustainability Journey

Step 1: Take a look at the diversity of our audience.
Step 2: Connect with us on one of our several Social Media Channels/Partner networks [Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn].
Step 3: See for yourself how we operate, observe our commitment to quality and member services, and then decide for yourself which industry, channel and geographical segment you would like to target.
Step 4: Contact one of our dedicated Account Managers by emailing sales@csrwire.com.
Step 5: Work with a dedicated team of an Account Manager and Editor to create a customized communication strategy that takes you all the way from news distribution to actively engaging your stakeholders, an ever-increasing important step of the Communications Lifecycle.

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T: 802.251.0110 ext 2        T: 802.251.0110 ext 1111
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