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Don’t Let This One Thing Sabotage Millennial Interest in Your Corporate Philanthropy

If you care about Millennial recruitment - which you should if you care about the future of your company.

RESEARCH BRIEF: Encouraging Environmentalism at Work: An Investigation of Employee Attitudes Toward Sustainability

Employees are more likely to engage in sustainable activities when they believe their organization values both their contributions and the environment.

Could Next-Gen Reactors Spark Revival In Nuclear Power?

Tech titans like Bill Gates are helping fund a new generation of commercial nuclear reactors, some likely in China, as a solution to...

Minnesota Rain Gardens go Big to Fight Pollution, Reuse Water

Many Minnesota cities use rain gardens and other "green infrastructure" now to keep stormwater from polluting nearby lakes and rivers.

Climate Change is Risky Business for US Southeastern States: New Report

The Risky Business project has just released its latest report, ‘Come Heat and High Water’, which quantifies the economic risks of climate change.

Facebook and Other Tech Giants Expand Internet Access in Africa

Facebook introduced that app in Zambia about a year ago, and has added another 16 countries since.

Fresh Picked From Local Farms, Delivered to Local Clubs

BJ’s “Farm to Club” Program brings locally-farmed produce to the table

Revolutionary Reporting: Turning the Tide

Companies need to reinvent their reporting alongside reinventing the business

Report Provides Urban Design Recommendations for Healthier Cities, Fewer Traffic Fatalities

Guide for urban planners and policymakers details specific design elements with examples from Tokyo, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, New York City,...

Creating a Crowdfunding Ecosystem in Chile

Many countries are exploring the role that crowdfunding can play in their strategies to create jobs, expand entrepreneurship and drive innovation.



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