April 27, 2015

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Seven ways climate change could kill you (really)

From roasting sidewalks to apocalyptic allergy seasons, here are the ways researchers predict a changing climate will affect your health

Sustainability reporting fails to add value

Report finds some companies wasting time and money on ineffective reporting

It is 'impossible' for today’s big oil companies to adapt to climate change

Is it impossible for today’s oil and gas majors to adapt in a timely and intelligent way to the imperative of radical decarbonisation?

Highlights of the 2014 SRI Trends Report

US SIF and its research partners identified 308 money managers and 880 community investing institutions that incorporate ESG issues into their investment decisions

Companies will be legally required to reveal chemicals used for fracking

Infrastructure bill amendments on ground water pollution and ‘well-by-well disclosure’ accepted, but Labour maintains regulation is still flawed

Why investors bet $310 billion on green energy in 2014

Clean energy investments rode a wave in 2014, with solar as the biggest cause for the swells.

How digital technologies build climate resiliency

An increasingly needed and technologically feasible weapon to fight climate change: digitally enabled, system-wide resilience.

What Motivates Employees?

What motivates employees? It’s a question that keeps HR folks up at night. In the 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends research, 78%...

Joel Makower: "The people part is undervalued, at least in the sustainability movement."

The edited-text version of a "10 Words or Less" interview with Joel Makower, founder of GreenBiz.com. Comments range from Woodward and Bernstein to...

Why 2015 will be a good year for green building

Leadership and an attitude to change are crucial ingredients to delivering a more sustainable built environment says Paul King.



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