June 26, 2016

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7 Essential Skills You Didn't Learn in College

How to swim through the data deluge, optimize your prose for Twitter, and expose statistics that lie.

Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World

Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World By Linda Tarr-Whelan Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers ISBN 9781605091358...

Tracking Campaign Money: A Guide

Where is the action? Who's giving it and where is it going? A New York Times graph charts how funds are flowing.

New FTC rules take swipe at greenwashing

The Federal Trade Commission is poised to swipe the words "eco-friendly" and "environmentally friendly" off of retail products nationwide, and caution to greenwashing...

Everybody wants clean energy, but nobody wants to pay for it.

Cleantech venture capitalist David Anthony points out that utilities and taxpayers don't want to pay to meet states' renewable energy standards.

The first mass market electric cars are arriving in showrooms.

The star of this week’s Paris Motor Show was a Jaguar supercar.

The chip is supposed to crunch, not the bag.

The environmentally friendly Sun Chips bag is getting sacked.

A Video to Inspire a Movement

[One percent] of the story. A video about a network of companies that give at least 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

Obama Returns Solar Panels To Place In Sun - On White House

President Obama seems to have solar panels on his mind a lot. At appearances in which he talks about the new jobs the...

Breaking - Supreme Court Declares Minimum Wage Constitutional

Disclaimer. This news first broke in 1941. But it would be breaking news today for Joe Miller, Republican and Tea Party candidate



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