October 26, 2014

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Economists Warn Against Setting Price for Carbon Too Low

By Seth Walker In its first attempts to regulate carbon emissions, the U.S. government is hindering its own efforts by using flawed economic...

Coca-Cola Adopts Pandas In Sichuan

Coca-Cola Greater China has pledged to provide lifelong financial support to the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base

How To: Green Your Workplace in 6 Steps Without Driving Your Co-Workers Nuts

The typical office is a battleground of personal tastes and habits. So what, then, is the environmentally-conscious worker to do?

Obama's energy challenge is coal, not oil

45 percent of the nation's electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants

White House Launches Push For Workplace Flexibility

Michelle and Barack Obama hold summit meeting to discuss modernizing workplaces to meet needs of workforce and families.

Deadline Looms to Use Federal Foreclosure Money

Communities have spent less than half of $4 billion available. NYT

Shelving Made from old Pipe

AltUse Tip for the Week for March 29, 2010 - Use discarded water pipes as shelving in the home or at work. Using...

Fuel Efficiency: NEW Standards Announced By Obama Administration

Historic new standards set ambitious, achievable fuel economy requirements that will encourage new and emerging technologies.

Creating a National Broadband Strategy for All Americans

People of color say a lack of need and a lack of access are the biggest reasons they're not connected; we have a...

Plastic Bags Used in DC Drops From 22 Million to 3 Million a Month

The Most Effective Tax Ever?



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