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The future of annual reporting?

The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project and the Global Reporting Initiative have announced the formation of the International Integrated Reporting Committee

BMW Banned from Claiming Zero Emission EV’s

the Advertising Standards Authority of the UK and found to misleading for that claims. The company was required to pull the ads from...

40 Wealthy American Families Vow to Give Chunk of Their Fortunes to Charity

Giving Pledge, an effort by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett to encourage billionaires to provide at least half their money to...

Innovative CSR From Risk Management to Value Creation

Innovative CSR From Risk Management to Value Creation Edited by Céline Louche, Samuel O. Idowu and Walter Leal Filho Published by Greenleaf Publishing...

'Death Gyre' in the Gulf

Firsthand accounts and leaked photos of a secret BP processing facility -- possibly for dead animals

Pancreatic cancers use fructose, common in the Western diet, to fuel their growth

First time a link has been shown between high fructose corn syrup and cancer proliferation.

We're all in a blue state of mind

The United States, contrary to what you might hear on many household media outlets, is not conservative and certainly not "center-right," a favorite...

Restored Forests Capture More CO2 Than Timber Plantations

Research challenges traditional views on the efficiency of industrial monoculture plantations.

Will Americans get to like it in the Third World?

Income inequality in the U.S. is the highest in almost 100 years.

Engagement 2.0 - the need for innovation

At a recent meeting with a senior executive from a large multinational corporation their opening gambit was along the lines of...



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