April 23, 2017

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Laying the Track for High-Speed Rail

Intercity rail spurs job creation, decreases dependence on fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Voltron of Laptops Fights E-Waste

Laptop prototype aims to drastically reduce e-waste.

UK climate economist warns US of trade boycott

US faces a trade boycott if it fails to rein in its carbon emissions.

The Dirty Truth About That Other Jersey Shore

Shortly after America's founding, New Jersey's Passaic River became a cradle of the nation's fledgling manufacturing industry. For that, it has paid dearly.

David Mager & Joe Sibilia on "Street Smart Sustainability" (Video)

Authors Joe and David tell stories from their new book, "Street Smart Sustainability," about SVN members who have enhanced their sustainability leadership.

The World's Toilet Crisis

When human waste isn't contained or flushed down the toilet, it's everywhere -- in streets, open fields and, most dangerously, in the very...

Green roofs sprouting in Rocky Mountains

On a small farm in Montana, Nate Lengacher harvested thousands of sedums: low-maintenance plants with a key place in the small but growing...

What's in Your Water? Nuclear Waste, Coal Slurries and Industrial Estrogen

It won't be long before the world has to confront its diminishing supply of clean water.

The great divide

A new report by the Hartman Group has found that, despite increasing company efforts, there is still a gap between consumer and business...

Capitalism Is Dead; Long Live Capitalism! David Korten's Agenda for a New Economy

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Francesca Rheannon Talkback's Francesca Rheannon says the new, updated edition of David Korten's Agenda for a New Economy forges...



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