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BP goes back to dispersants, as it eyes options

BP on Monday resumed injecting dispersants into the gusher a mile below the Gulf of Mexico, as it weighed its next steps. Ideas...

U.S. Presses Toyota to Make Good on Safety Pledges

Toyota faced "very, very serious credibility problems" in the wake of its safety crisis but changed its attitude toward American regulators after its...

Hanesbrands Donates Pantyhose to Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Effort

Hair-based oil mats may have got their prime time in the spotlight. Although we've covered the inventions several times over the last three...

The World's Greenest Superyacht?

A United Kingdom company is touting plans for what it is calling the "Super-Green Superyacht."

Cleveland Indians Leads Eco Challenge in the Major Leagues

America's favorite pastime is fast becoming America's favorite environmentally aware sport. Since 2008, Major League Baseball (MLB) has been collaborating with the...

Green exercise may be good for your head

A new study finds that surprisingly small doses of outdoor activity boost mood, self-esteem - enjoy the weekend

Ford, GM Continue Down Flexible-Fuel Vehicles Highway

So when Ford makes a promise, as it did back in 2006 when it vowed to double the quantity of flexible-fuel vehicles produced...

Recovery Act Has Bolstered Clean Energy

The DOE accounts for its spending of stimulus funding, highlighting battery industry.

Can the U.S. phase out coal’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030?

ES&T study reveals we have the technology at our disposal to make coal almost obsolete in just 20 short years.

A Campus Where Unlearning Is First

At American University in Cairo, students are taught to analyze and hypothesize, a method at odds with the country’s traditional method of rote...



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