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Tea Party With a Difference

Sounds like a lot of angry people who want to get the government out of their lives and cut both taxes and the...

Amtrak Trials First Cow-Powered Train

U.S. rail operator Amtrak may have given the term "cattle car" a whole new meaning with the first test of a biodiesel train...

Ubisoft Games Going Green

Video game publisher Ubisoft is preparing to launch a new green initiative according to USA Today.

Off the Grid Experiments From the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the California Desert

Living off the grid isn't easy, but living on the grid isn't sustainable—at least not the way the grid is currently set up....

Which Are the Top 10 Coal-Burning Countries on the Planet? Who's #1?

Total World Coal Consumption in 2008: 7,238,207,000 Short Tons! When it comes to global warming and air pollution, coal is enemy #1. We...

Midweek Politics w/ David Pakman: Chris Martenson Discusses Sustainability, Energy, Economy, More

Chris Martenson discusses the economy, alternative energy development, green jobs, his transition out of corporate America, and more with David Pakman (Part 1...

Anti-Gay Paul Cameron Claims Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell Will Lead to Rampant Military Rape

Anti-gay Paul Cameron discusses his claim that homosexuals in the military are significantly more likely to rape of sexually assault fellow soldiers (with...

The Fab 40 Who Paved the Way for a Green Revolution

For the 40th anniversary of Earth Day last week, we'd like to salute 40 pioneers who helped crack thorny scientific problems, devise new...

"There is No Planet B" And Other Things I Heard on Earth Day

I wanted to share some random snippets of interesting things I heard along the way

Bad News: U.S. Business Emissions Growing, Not Slowing

When President Barack Obama announced last November his commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent by 2020, it was a crucial...



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