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Corporate Library CEO sees further expansion after GMI merger

The recent merger between US corporate governance houses The Corporate Library and GovernanceMetrics International (GMI) is just "the first step in growth"...

Insurance Companies Find There Is Money to Be Made in Green Technology

Insurers are stepping in to bridge gap between green intentions and actual capital outlays.

In Crackdown on Energy Use, China to Shut 2,000 Factories

Earlier this summer, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of China promised to use an "iron hand" to improve his country's energy efficiency, and a...

SRI showing sustained growth

Socially responsible investments are becoming more and more popular, as investors are not only backing companies that aren't associated with tobacco, alcohol or...

Freddie Mac requests $1.8 billion more in aid

Government-controlled mortgage buyer Freddie Mac is asking for $1.8 billion in additional federal aid after posting a larger loss in the second quarter.

UN climate talks are stuck in the mud

After the shambles of Copenhagen, a crunch political meeting in Cancun, Mexico, looks unlikely to deliver meaningful progress on the environment.

Can I buy milk and be green?

To pouch or not to pouch? The process of transferring cow juice from beast to breakfast table has been on a journey, from...

More violence erupts in Kashmir with no regard for Human Rights

Violence has escalated in the Kashmir Valley yet again, leaving 9 people dead, including at least one woman. This comes after violence a...

Oil spill plugged, but more oiled birds than ever are being found

More than three weeks after BP capped its gushing oil well, skimming operations have all but stopped and federal scientists say just a...

India Asks, Should Food Be a Right for the Poor?

"The question is whether there is a role for the market in the delivery of social programs."



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