October 31, 2014

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Tell Restaurants and Markets: Donate, Don't Dump, Usable Excess Food

Petitioning supermarkets and restaurants to donate excess food to food shelters and reduce hunger in America.

Profiting from poverty? Microfinance IPO sparks debate

Debate on the ethics of profiting from the poor sparked by India's SKS Microfinance IPO.

Ladies First

Veiled steps forward for the Arab art market

Beyond the Limits of Earth Day: Turning Up the Heat on Climate

Winning passage of meaningful legislation on climate change requires more than slogans and green talk — it demands intense, determined political action.

The Case for Stakeholder Engagement

Grantmaking initiatives often fail when the foundation remains isolated from its grantees and the communities they both serve.

Some Papers Are Uploaded to Bangalore to Be Graded

The concept of anonymous and offshore grading by graders in India, Singapore, and Malaysia gains controversy.

KFC Lands in Hot Water for its Packaging

There are many reasons to think twice before dining at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Even the Bush administration's business-friendly Federal Trade Commission chastised the...

Earth Day and the Polling of America, 2010: Me First, Planet Later

The news this year is not encouraging. The Great Recession has taken its toll, as has the "controversy" created by climate deniers --...

Water Becomes the New Carbon for World's Largest Companies

The Carbon Disclosure Project has turned its attention to the vast amounts of water being used by the world's largest corporations, asking them...

The Secret to Hurdling Barriers for Electric Cars

And, even though Obama's ambitious pledge to have one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 will be supported by $2.4 billion...



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