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Undocumented immigrants offer U.S. a shot of optimism

New immigrant groups have always fueled growth via their unbridled faith in the American Dream.

Bring back the CCC

We need the jobs, we need the work to be done, we need the ethos of environmental conservation.

Green-energy blues - Economist

Surely America’s government cannot ignore the pressing need for new policies to promote its green-energy industries?

Electric Car Does 0 to 87 in 10 Seconds

The Spanish tech corporation Tecnalia recently unveiled a bright orange electric vehicle in Madrid that it says can go from 0 to 87...

Investors Urge More Tech Firms to Follow Intel's Lead and Embrace Green

A socially responsible investing firm has launched bylaw amendments at three of the world's largest technology companies in the wake of those firms'...

The Devil's in the Details: How Green Can Go Wrong and How to Make it Right

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Francesca Rheannon Pushing the green economy can lead to unintended consequences. Avoiding catastrophic errors will take a deep re-thinking...

Companies Transform Scrap Cardboard Into Ethanol Fuel

A new partnership between a paperboard mill and a biofuel producer is now producing ethanol fuel from scrap cardboard fiber. While 95% of...

Financial Transparency May Cost You

An attempt to increase financial transparency through recent accounting changes requiring banks to record loans at "fair value" may end up costing consumers....

GRI Conference Aims to Lay Out the Rules of the Road

Apart from genetics, which has produced one of, if not the, tallest average population in the world, I believe the answer is: bicycles...

BP Denies Existence of Giant Underwater Oil Plumes

It already has been a few weeks since scientists have detected large underwater oil plumes in the Gulf of Mexico, but BP is...



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