October 25, 2016

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Fracking for Natural Gas

Interesting article in the Business Section of Sunday's NY Times. Many people in NY have still yet to hear what "Hydrofracking" is and...

E.U. sees U.S. "disappearing" as partner on climate

The European Union sees the United States "disappearing as a partner" in international climate talks after President Barack Obama suffered setbacks in midterm...

700 Scientists Fight Back Against Climate Change Denying Politicians

The most surprising thing about the midterm elections wasn't the 60+ Tea Party-backed candidates - it was that more than half of those...

Our Banana Republic

Re: the tax cuts: wouldn't it make more sense to finance a jobs program?

Cost of Green Power Makes Projects Tougher Sell

Clean energy is still a goal but falling prices for conventional energy make the competition tighter.

While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales

Us Agency promotes Consumption of Cheese - and warns against it as it fights obesity.

Cities as Hubs of Energy and Climate Action

NYC and LA go to work for C40 - group of large cities committed to tackling climate change.

Fail Forward

"There's only one problem with this business-as-savior model. That is, businesses weren't designed to be saviors."

The MBA Oath

"the MBA Oath, in its current incarnation, is 'not a revolutionary thing, not a perfect thing, [but] definitely a good thing,'" says business...

How Obama Saved Capitalism and Lost the Midterms

The president took on the structural flaws of a broken free enterprise system instead of focusing on things that the average voter could...



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