January 26, 2015

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Audio Lecture by Dan Henkle: Gap's Progress on Corporate Social Responsibility

Henkle discusses Gap's efforts to encourage more suppliers to operate responsibly, as well as highlights the challenges and progress Gap has encountered along...

Audio Lecture by Hau Lee: Boosting Profits Through Social Responsibility

Lee describes how small to mid-sized companies in China, India, & Israel boosted profits while shrinking waste and pollution and providing a fair...

Aim, Ready, Fire: Creative Disruption at Ceres Conference

The annual Ceres conference can often be described more by numbers than words. Big numbers like ten trillion -- that's the dollar value...

Long-Suffering Tribe Fears Oil May Strike Final Blow

The native Houma people, who have long relied on fishing and trapping in the marshlands of Louisiana, have been through a lot as...

BP Goes from Beyond Petroleum to Big Polluter in CSR Setback

On 11 May 2010, top BP Plc executives face U.S. lawmakers who will grill BP Plc, Transocean and Halliburton on the drilling rig...

Ecosystems In the Age of Cassandra

As Warnings Mount, How Can We Speed Science into Policymaking?

Home Star energy retrofit bill passes House; is backed by broad coalition

Net social benefit of Home Star is all but guaranteed - now on to the Senate.

BP goes back to dispersants, as it eyes options

BP on Monday resumed injecting dispersants into the gusher a mile below the Gulf of Mexico, as it weighed its next steps. Ideas...

U.S. Presses Toyota to Make Good on Safety Pledges

Toyota faced "very, very serious credibility problems" in the wake of its safety crisis but changed its attitude toward American regulators after its...

Hanesbrands Donates Pantyhose to Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Effort

Hair-based oil mats may have got their prime time in the spotlight. Although we've covered the inventions several times over the last three...


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