April 17, 2014

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Alternative Use of the Week from AltUse.com

AltUse Tip for the Week for February 8, 2010 - Enjoy Hummingbirds in your garden with this recipe for homemade hummingbird food from...

Looking back at Copenhagen

Alan Buckle, Global Head of Advisory, and Barend van Bergen, associate partner with KPMG in the Netherlands, discuss the key outcomes of December's...

Bricks for Bread and Milk

India's capital city has been flooded with a new wave of migrant workers - children.

Planet 100: Top 5 Benefit Concerts

From Hope For Haiti to Farm Aid, Planet 100 counts down the Top 5 Benefit Concerts of all time.

Conflict Conservation - Biodiversity Down the Barrel of a Gun

"Involuntary parks" formed as a result of conflict, i.e. Korean DMZ, provide rich sites for nature preserves.

Harnessing Nature's Power: Deploying and Financing on-Site Renewable Energy

WRI report offers strategies valuable to firms looking at investments, operational decisions regarding renewable energy.

Make the Market Work for Health Care

Repealing antitrust exemption is the necessary first step to restore competition to the health insurance market.

The Growing Energy Finance Tool Kit

Energy finance is a hot topic at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance annual conference. Review important lessons for financing programs for the residential...

Today is Earthworm Appreciation Day

Why earthworms? Charles Darwin, after making a careful study of our squirmy pals, reached this conclusion...

Hot Music, Anti-Fur Activism, and Racy PETA Ads...in China?

Something happened in Shanghai that has never happened before in mainland China: A PETA photo shoot.



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