October 24, 2014

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Using Tax Incentives to Drive the Green Job Economy

How existing provisions of the U.S. tax code inhibit the cost-effective commercialization and deployment of clean, homegrown energy, what can be done to...

Breaking News: Safe Chemicals Act of 2010 Is Introduced

Legislation was introduced that will for the first time in more than 30 years, overhaul the way the federal government protects the public...

Avoiding Greenwash and Its Dangers

In general, this is a good thing and it's wonderful to see companies competing on green

Paradise Recycled: Architects Dream of Turning Great Pacific Garbage Patch Into Habitable Island

David de Rothschild announced his plans to visit the trash mass on the Plastiki

New Survey of Millennial Donors Finds They Want Relationships, Specific Appeals and Input Opportunities

New survey of Millennial donors finds traditional fundraising models won’t attract giving from younger audiences.

Charities in N.Y. and Washington Look to Hire in 2010, Studies Find

Non-profits likely to fill fund-raising and program staff positions this year.

U.S. Falls Short in Measure of Future Math Teachers

Study reveals that America’s middle school mathematics teacher preparation is not up to the task.

Why Won't McDonald's Accept a Requirement for Even Just 5% Cage-Free Eggs?

But in the U.S., a proposal for 5% cage-free eggs (a start) put forward by the Humane Society was rejected by the board

Los Angeles Water Use Same As 1979

Stunning declines should give momentum to other conservation efforts.

Education Transformation - Doing What Works in Education Reform

Report analyzes federal education programs that are candidates for elimination, consolidation, or restructuring.



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