February 11, 2016

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Africa Unite - how one student is changing the world

Changing the world and breaking the mold were two things I was encouraged to do at an early age. My friends and I...

The Legend of Mark Zuckerberg

Starting a company at a young age is to say the least, unusual, and so fitting the hobby I enjoyed so much into...

Clean Coal is Like Healthy Cigarettes

50 percent of the electricity that heats our houses, lights our schools and powers our industries comes from coal.

Happy birthday clean(er) air: We still have a long way to go

EPA's Jackson: "Total benefits of the clean air act amount to 40 times the cost of regulation."

What in the World is Corporate Social Responsibility?

When academics, pundits and corporate heavy hitters take the stage to debate semantics, who wins? That question weighed heavily in my mind during...

A CSRwire Solar Success Story

Originally posted on Alteris Renewables Blog For the last year the Bloom family has been reaping the benefits of the solar system installed...

Can Global Tourism Save the Planet?

Obviously, tourism when done right can be a force for economic growth and global understanding. But hotels can be blights on the landscape...

Scrubbing from the top down

Less is more. At least when it comes to liquid laundry detergent, and the impact a small change in a big product...

Deepwater Horizon oil well finally dead, authorities say

The Deepwater Horizon is dead. Almost five months after an explosion rocked an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana and caused a...

Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights

Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights By Thom Hartmann Published by Berret Koehler Publishers, 2010, Second...



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