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Hope for polar bears.

Two groups of scientists are suggesting a sliver of hope for the future of polar bears in a warming world.

The Myth of the Food Desert

The no-supermarket paradigm discourages us from considering that human beings acquire - through childhood experience, cultural preferences and economics - a palate.

Environmental Groups Sue ExxonMobil Over Air Emissions

Sierra Club and Environment Texas filed a lawsuit in the federal district court in Texas against the world's largest publicly traded oil and...

Subsidies for Renewable energy could be on the chopping block

The relationship between the government and renewable energy has always been a close one -- but also a difficult one.

Europe needs more gas, company says

Norwegian energy company Statoil said Europe could meet its target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by using natural gas. But what are the...

100% renewable by 2050

The Committee on Climate Change last week announced the UK's target for emission reductions of 60% by 2030, requiring a transformation of the...

SRI in Emerging Markets: Best in Class or Context?

By CSRwire Contributing Writer Elaine Cohen Emerging markets are a bonanza for investors with above average growth rates and massive future potential. However,...

New app to tell shoppers brands' green credentials

New mobile phone app promises to allow shoppers to make instant decisions on whether or not to buy goods based on the ethical...

China and India Race for Routes to Pakistan by Land, Air

The competition between India and China intensified this week, with Pakistan in the middle.

With Growth Sluggish, Fed Keeps Buying Bonds

The Federal Reserve reaffirmed Tuesday that it was moving ahead with its plan to buy $600 billion in government securities through June.



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