July 06, 2015

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Green Marketing: How It Works and When to Use It

Marketing specialists are in agreement: green marketing campaigns exist and their clients should have one. The debate begins when the question turns to...

Is White Privilege a Myth?

A debate we should have, but can we? The Root

Inaugural Social Innovation Fund Sets an Example

$50 million committed to organizations with effective solutions to persistent social challenges.

Jumpstarting Sustainable American Jobs

The federal government should partner with venture capitalists to help small businesses build the equity capital they need.

Want the Good News First?

The climate-energy policy debate got disconnected from average people.

Worthwhile Canadian drilling safety initiative

Could the U.S. Congress look north for cues on offshore drilling regulatory reform?

Moscow fires raise smog to 10 times safe level

The worst smog to hit Moscow in almost a decade has sent pollution soaring 10 times above safe levels, an air monitoring service...

Western Climate Initiative Offers Cap-And-Trade

Coalition of seven western states and three Canadian provinces hope it will stand as model...

What Will Happen to Small Business if Health Care Is Repealed

Conservative effort to repeal the new health care law will hit small businesses hard and severely affect...

Tigers' Last Chance?

Tigers are disappearing from the forests faster than ever before. In 2010, the Year of the Tiger, scientists estimate that there may be...



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