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Obama Looks Ahead to Higher 2017-2025 Fuel Standards

The Obama Administration said Friday it will begin looking at tougher fuel economy standards for vehicles produced in models years 2017 to 2025.

Gulf Coast Oil's Disappearing Act Comes to an End

Though the oil has obviously spread and dispersed, it has not entirely dissolved or been rendered harmless.

Obama Aims to Pull Rail Infrastructure Out of 1970s

If you've ridden a train any time recently in the United States, you've probably noticed that the nation's passenger trains are, by and...

Study Estimates 8,000 Premature Deaths Per Year Caused by Unregulated Airplane Emissions

Researchers from MIT and the University of Cambridge in the UK have released a study that attributes about 8,000 premature deaths to emissions...

Energy Leaders Blame Oil and Gas Subsidies for Weak Prospects

Clean energy companies blame subsidies to oil and natural gas companies for damaging the ability of the clean-energy industry to recover from the...

A Shoe for a Shoe

The business model for Toms Shoes - giving away one pair of footwear to the needy for every one sold—seems risky in a...

Proposal Pending for Mileage on Heavy-Duty Vehicles

For three decades, the federal government has calculated the fuel economy of cars and other “light-duty vehicles” and periodically tightened mileage standards.

Volvo Phone App Helps Swedish City Employees Cut Commuting Emissions

Some employees of the city of Gothenburg have cut their transportation emissions by up to two-thirds with a commuting tracking tool developed by...

US Home Energy Efficiency Improved Since 1970, So Why Are The Bills The Same?

Experts say that our big houses and power-hungry gadgets negate all our efficiency gains, reports The Washington Post.

Responsibility Play of the Week: Jets, BP, or Johnson & Johnson?

What's the most responsible or irresponsible thing you've seen this week? This week's candidates…



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