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New app to tell shoppers brands' green credentials

New mobile phone app promises to allow shoppers to make instant decisions on whether or not to buy goods based on the ethical...

China and India Race for Routes to Pakistan by Land, Air

The competition between India and China intensified this week, with Pakistan in the middle.

With Growth Sluggish, Fed Keeps Buying Bonds

The Federal Reserve reaffirmed Tuesday that it was moving ahead with its plan to buy $600 billion in government securities through June.

Governments will follow sutainability entrepreneurs and innovators

CSRwire Talkback blogger John Elkington says there will be a global push for better co-operation on sustainability technology and skills.

Judge's Health Care Ruling Sparks Wide Range Of Opinions

A judge's ruling that the health care overhaul "...mandating that practically everyone in the country be required to have health insurance," is still...

2010: probably the hottest year ever recorded

Temperature records tumbled in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Burma and Pakistan, causing heatwaves and devastated harvests.

Fracking fuels a gold rush along with health risks

Cows started to die. Methane seeped into the drinking water. Homes were evacuated when natural gas escaped uncontrollably from a wellhead.

US Retailers Say Going Green Makes Business Sense

In 2010, 61% of US retailers surveyed by Retail Systems Research observed that green initiatives "make good business sense."

Sustainability Now: CRC Webinar

Graham Sprigg, director at IMS, recently chaired and spoke at the Sustainability Now event on CRC:Cost or Opportunity. The session included Janet Kidner...

Only 6 Percent of Scientists Are Republican. Is This a Problem?

Daniel Sarewitz discusses a 2009 Pew poll that shows only 6 percent of scientists self-identify as Republican. That's compared to the 55 percent...



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