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US Company Set to Ship Billions of Gallons of Water from Alaska to India

Water for sale for a penny a gallon and the incredibly energy intensive way of shipping it over - read more about the...

U.S. warns BP amid fears over seep near well

Government officials claim they have detected a "seep" of "possible methane" near BP's newly capped oil well, a factor which could explain low...

Hiring for Sustainability

One of the things on my agenda for next year is to work with colleagues to improve our academic programming in sustainability. We...

TED Talk: Hans Rosling Shows Boosting Living Standards Lowers Population Growth

Always ready with an interesting way to grasp the size and impact of human populations worldwide, Rosling's presentations give us an understanding...

Oppenheimer: The Man Behind the Bomb -- A "Countdown to Zero" Exclusive

On July 16, 1945, the U.S. government tested the first nuclear bomb. Sign the declaration to protect our future at

Doing a good thing? Shout it from the mountaintops

Does your company "do good"? Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, describes activities that help firms connect with or give back to their communities....

Harness the Power of the Web for Stakeholder Dialogues

Stakeholder engagement is now a key part of many public and private sector projects, particularly...

Social networking, CSR come to rescue of regional businesses

The ongoing global financial crisis has taught lessons to regional companies -- according to two separate surveys: One is the importance of social...

Climate Corps 2010: Turning Up the Heat on News Corp

This experience provided further affirmation of the myriad of benefits companies, employees and, most importantly, the environment can generate by going green

CO2 is Green Launches Ad Campaign against Senate Climate Bill

A new ad campaign in the “The Washington Post” that urges people to call their senators and vote against the cap-and-trade bill



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