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Suffering in silence

A recent survey by IBM has revealed that 50% of respondents rate the way in which businesses convey their sustainability policies as 'bad'...

"Green" beauty products are in demand

Beauty is pain -- and sometimes harsh chemicals. But more beauty products in the market are coming out with "green" and "eco-friendly" formulas...

Jimmy Carter's Solar Panel Returns To DC

Whether Obama wants them or not, Jimmy Carter's solar panels will soon arrive at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The group started a campaign...

New Evidence Shows the Latest Immigrants to America Are Following in Our History's Footsteps

Conservatives claim assimilation is not occurring, history tells us otherwise.

Are Young Women Earning More Than Their Boyfriends?

This doesn't mean that they're being treated the same way in the workplace.

Workplace Salaries: At Last, Women on Top

"This generation of women has adapted to fundamental restructuring of American economy better than male peers."

The Irrigation Juggernaut

Anyone who has flown over the American West on a clear day has probably noticed the enormous effect that irrigated farming has had...

Gov 2.0 | Pillbox Hopes to Create Cure for Disparate Drug Data

The Pillbox project has already begun such a database, and it is an example of what is so Web 2.0 about some recent...

Neenah Paper's "Eco-Trip for Two"

Would you like to take an Eco Trip to Costa Rica to experience of the most bio diverse regions in the entire world?...

Get on board the non-consumption train

I sat down at the keyboard this morning, all set to write up a new post when I found this note that I...



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