April 21, 2014

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Become a Better Storyteller at the FREE Weekend in Boca VII

Nonprofits will gather in Boca Raton, Fla., to network and share best practices at the seventh annual Office Depot Foundation event.

Method is the New Green Giant in Chicago

The fast-growing, eco-friendly company is building an innovative manufacturing plant on Chicago's South Side. CNNMoney.

10 Characteristics of the Evolving CMO

Big data, real-time analysis, social media, ROI, storytelling and crowd-sourcing equal: the ultimate marketing melting-pot. Forbes.

To Tackle Complexity, Avoid Simplistic Thinking

Five ways you can find solutions that really work: Gilbert Probst and Andrea Bassi continue the Tackling Complexity series on Talkback.

The Truman National Security Project: Creating a New Generation of Leaders through Purpose

The Truman Project creates new, just leaders to work in national security. Learn how on Talkback.

A New Story for a New Economy

David Korten's new essay connects the work of finding a sacred story with the effort to build a new economy. YES! Magazine.

The CSO's Role Keeps Growing

As sustainability gains more prominence in enterprise, the role of the chief sustainability officer has steadily evolved. CIOInsight.

One-Stop Site Paints a Clearer Picture for Impact Investors

The Money and Impact Investing Directory is a one-place array of information, from measuring social impact to investor groups. Forbes.

Why All Sustainability Professionals Must Try the Mindfulness Test

Are you mindful--or mind-filled? Ron Schultz explains the difference and its connection to innovation on Talkback.

Nonprofit or For-Profit? How to Choose the Right Legal Structure for Your Next Venture

Exploring four foundational issues on which type of legal structure to create--nonprofit, for-profit or hybrid. Jim Fruchterman, Talkback.



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