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Joel Makower: "The people part is undervalued, at least in the sustainability movement."

The edited-text version of a "10 Words or Less" interview with Joel Makower, founder of Comments range from Woodward and Bernstein to...

Why 2015 will be a good year for green building

Leadership and an attitude to change are crucial ingredients to delivering a more sustainable built environment says Paul King.

Why falling oil prices don’t hurt demand for renewable energy

The idea that the price of oil represents the price of energy in general is a significant perceptual challenge.

What is the Future of Sustainability Reporting?

The Global Reporting Initiative has launched a project aimed at promoting an international discussion about the future of sustainability reporting and disclosures.

Forget carbon offsetting, insetting is the future

Rather than planting trees at arm’s length, businesses from hotel groups to construction firms are embedding sustainable activities directly into their supply chains

Clean tech investment surges back in 2014

Data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggests clean tech investment soared 16% in 2014 to $310bn,

5 ways Big Data can help rein in energy use

Of all the fields where Big Data is being hyped as a potential game-changer, building energy management offers both big potential opportunities and...

The Truth About CSR

Firms must refocus their CSR activities and provides a systematic process for bringing coherence and discipline to CSR strategies.

Do we need yet another ethical business ranking to improve performance?

The Corporate Human Rights Index will launch in 2015, but industry benchmarking has more impact than naming and shaming.

Reporting and transparency en route to a one-materiality future

Materiality means many things, but we can continue to improve transparency and reporting while turning the page to a unified definition.



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