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Sushi chef a world leader in ocean sustainability

This month, a London-based marine conservation group chose 12 people and organizations it feels are doing the most to save the world’s ocean...

World's Top Food Companies Make Progress on Social Sustainability

Nine of the ten largest food and beverage companies have improved their ratings in social sustainability by at least 10% in the three...

An early look at Elon Musk's Gigafactory, a building that could change the world

Everyone's excited about Tesla's new Model 3 car, but mass-producing that electric vehicle is going to require a ton of batteries. That's where...

Transforming cities for sustainability: Facts and Figures

Already, 54 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban regions, and projections suggest this will keep increasing until at least 2050...

Startup has brilliantly invented edible cutlery

Humans throw away 110 million tons of plastic each year. This startup aims to help dramatically bring that number down...

Are You Defining Corporate Philanthropy Success All Wrong?

With all the benefits of employee volunteer and giving programs, more companies are clamoring to launch or their own programs - but many...

Our Coffee Addiction Could Destroy Earth’s Tropical Forests

Coffee producers may need a wake-up call. Soaring demand for the caffeinated brew could hasten destructive climate change by encouraging producers to chop...

You probably have a drawer full of them – why can't we crack battery recycling?

Research indicates up to half of all EU countries could fall short of this year’s target to recycle 45% of waste batteries.

The greenhouse that acts like a beetle and other inventions inspired by nature

For a new generation of innovators, biomimicry – the imitation of nature’s ecosystems – may help solve some of humanity’s toughest resource problems.

This Hydrogen-Powered Car Could Be The Future Of Sustainable Mobility

The car is expected to hit the market in 2018.



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