April 19, 2014

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What's the Big Deal about Michael Lewis and High-frequency Trading?

Michael Lewis' new book "Flash Boys" is the latest critique of high-frequency trading. PBS.

True Happiness Doesn't Have to be the Latest Gadget

Marketing people speculate about what will make us happy, and sustainability focuses on that. Kingston Community News.

Are Accounting Rules Holding Back Sustainability?

Using accelerated depreciation can help with the up-front cost of green infrastructure. Amy Larkin, Guardian.

How Do You Measure the Bottom Line for Impact Investing?

The bottom line for impact investing remains hard to understand. Honest Tea's TeaEO Seth Goldman responds on Talkback.

Integrated Thinking: SAP Refocuses Sustainability Targets to Maximize Impact

How do you continually increase your positive social & environmental impact while growing your bottom line? SAP's Peter Graf answers.

SRI: A Core Concern of Young Investors, Calvert Says

SRI resonates with investors of the Gen-X and Millennials in a way it did not with older ones, Calvert Investments says. FA-Mag.

A Splash of Beer, A Ripple of Awareness: Sustainability at New Belgium Brewing

Jenn Vervier, Director of Strategy & Sustainability, knows firsthand the potential craft beer has to create profound and lasting change. SB.

Mozilla CEO Resigns after Twitter Uprising

Scores of employees made their feelings known on Twitter about Brendan Eich's donation to Proposition 8. MarketWatch.

Apollo Education Group: Using Road Trips to Steer Young People Toward Fulfilling Careers

Helping underserved young adults through career exploration and real-world experiences - Apollo Education Group. Talkback.

Will Local Investing be the Path to Prosperity?

The local investment revolution: Francesca Rheannon talks with small business maven Michael Shuman. On Talkback.



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