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Can Volunteerism Survive 5.4% Unemployment?

As the economy improves, American’s number of charitable hours are sinking.

How Should a Social Entrepreneur be Defined, by Their Impact or Their Income Strategy?

Just like scientific research, social innovation often defies funders’ rigid definitions and expectations.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Renewable Power, is Coca-Cola Next?

The Fortune 100 companies with climate and energy goals are collectively saving $1.1 billion annually as a conservative estimate.

Turning a bad reputation round can take years of good leadership

A bad reputation can be hard to shake off and takes concerted efforts over the long-term – just ask Nike, Nestlé and Asia...

Amazon moves on renewables — after a push from Greenpeace

Electricity use by the data farms that power the services of Internet companies is rising 20 percent a year, according to Greenpeace.

How to Create a More Inclusive Workplace for Your Diverse Employees

The tech industry has developed the reputation of being a homogenous boys’ club. Fortunately, companies are beginning to make an effort to boost...

E.P.A. Takes Step to Cut Emissions From Planes

Cutting aircraft emissions is among the administration’s efforts to curb global warming.

How a Startup Helps Put a Value on Water

MeterHero offers people a chance to earn cash rebates through reducing monthly energy and water use compared to past usage. A simple approach...

Where to Find the Holy Grail of Customer Engagement

Innovative initiatives, platforms and tools are emerging that transform consumer behavior to more effectively embrace a sustainable future.

Andela: Launching Africa's Tech Talent

This social enterprise trains young Africans to become software coders — and then connects them with businesses around the world.



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