April 19, 2015

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The Gender Gap: Going Beyond Sheryl Sandberg's Formula for Women

Sheryl Sandberg's argument for women to Lean In leaves out two epic considerations: racial and cultural differences. Dr. Jude Smith Rachele reports on...

Are Companies Still Losing Talented Women?

Do women still need 'women's leadership' groups...and is 'gender fatigue' applicable? Dr. Peggy Drexler explores.

Alice Receives Diploma from All-male School 40 Years Late

David Mager, co-author of Street Smart Sustainability, writes about the judge's decision in the lawsuit against Alice DeRivera.

Reach vs. Scale: From Self to Social Collaboration

You can't "scale up" social collaboration; you have to nurture it. Ron Schultz explains the process on Talkback.

Women in CSR: Pamela Gill Alabaster, L'Oréal

3p interviews Pamela Gill Alabaster, Sr VP of Corporate Communications, Sustainable Development & Public Affairs for L'Oral.

SAP Pledges to Hire Adults with Autism For 1% of Workforce

SAP's move is a call to HR to end the practice of finding reasons NOT to hire and find a reason TO hire....

Is the Girl Effect Real?

A new report called The New Variables reveals a significant difference in how women and men rate CSR and sustainable life issues.

Why involving everyone is a good idea

The public sector can improve engagement by involving entire workforce in strategic decisions, writes Jabbar Sardar, Cafcass HR Director.

Four Changemakers Making A Difference Inside Big Companies

The winners of Ashoka and Accenture's League Of Intrapreneurs have managed to make big changes inside their organizations. Co.Exist.

Effective Career Levers For Youth: Putting More Europeans Into Jobs

Microsoft's YouthSpark campaign aspires to create opportunities for 300 million youth globally over the next three years. General Manager Lori Harnick reports.



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