October 07, 2015

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Report: 91% of Top Firms View Climate Shocks as Business Risk

Despite growing access to climate-related data and tools, companies say they need “actionable science” to help them understand locally-specific risks or risk scenarios.

Please Silence Your Sonar

The U.S. Navy agrees to give marine mammals off California and Hawaii a break from deafening noise.

Outdoor Apparel Brand United By Blue Takes Charge in Ocean Cleanup Effort

Active lifestyle brands are organizing to protect the environment they rely on. This month, a small Philadelphia-based apparel company picked up 250,000lb of...

China and US Ban Ivory Imports

Two biggest markets all but shut down legal trade in effort to protect dwindling elephant population

Breathing by Numbers

A new map shows air pollution data from around the world in real time.

Reinsurers Call for Action at Climate Change Summit

The $600 billion industry helps insurance companies pay damage claims from hurricanes, floods or earthquakes and can help people and companies get back...

Navy Agrees To Sonar Limits, Other Marine Life Protections In The Pacific

The Navy has agreed to curb its use of sonar and other training exercises off Hawaii and California that have been found to...

Felling Trees to Restrain Wildfires Draws Heat

Experts disagree about the value of thinning forests to prevent forests from going up in flames

California's Sierra Nevada snowpack is the lowest in 500 years

The Sierra Nevada snowpack plays a critical role in replenishing California's water reservoirs and provides 30% of the state's water supply.

Study Predicts Antarctica Ice Melt if All Fossil Fuels Are Burned

Burning all the world’s deposits of coal, oil and natural gas would raise the temperature enough to melt the entire ice sheet covering...



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