October 25, 2014

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Patagonia launches 'Vote the Environment' campaign

The apparel company campaigns to overcome voter apathy in order to elect officials who will support replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

So, How Much Are Plants Helping Us Fight Climate Change?

Earth's plant life may soak up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than previously thought, according to a new study. Are trees saving...

How Apple, IKEA and Tesla redefine climate change practicality

"Be practical" is a common theme in discussions about future energy sources — even in light of climate change.

Corporate “Big Green” Behind the Climate Change Marches

A troubling dimension of corporate involvement in a march that criticized the excesses of corporations and capitalism

Lego ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign

Toymaker will not renew current multimillion pound deal, that sees Shell-branded Lego sets following a viral video against Arctic drilling by the green...

Paulson: Climate change is the biggest risk to the global economy

Excesses built up in our financial markets led to a devastating crash. Are doing the same thing on climate change?

The audacious optimism of Climate Week

A modicum of progress could be found in New York last week in addressing our growing climate challenges.

Why is the U.N.'s Declaration on Forests about agriculture?

The U.N. Climate Summit in New York this week wasn’t formally part of the climate negotiations.

The 5 Climate Week reports you shouldn't miss

If you're only going to follow a few major reports, these are a good place to start.

5 reasons optimism is the key ingredient for the Climate Summit

Optimism in the face of the real and urgent danger presented by climate change is what this week’s Climate Summit in New York...



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