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CSRlive Content for Sustainability

Could Less Consumer Choice Be A Good Thing?

Making sustainable products optional confines them to the niche market - CSR maven Wayne Visser tells it like it is on Talkback.

Companies' 2012 Sustainability Plans: Focus on Employees, Suppliers

The Annual Sustainability Executive Survey, 2012, found that sustainability spending will rise significantly next year. Results on Environmental Leader.

Why Recycling Plastic Bottles Doesn't Help

TreeHugger: Plastic bottles always suck, even if they're being recycled. That's because the energy it takes to recycle them is mind-boggling.

John Elkington proposes a ministry for future generations

Two thirds of people polled believe the government does not adequately consider future generations in the decisions it makes, on the Guardian.

Novo Nordisk Retrofits US Headquarters for Sustainability

Faced with the challenge of how to grow but keep the environmental footprint lean, Novo Nordisk found the answer. On Environmental Leader.

Six ways Unilever has achieved success through sustainability - and how your business can too

Pioneering a bold new business model, the co. pledged to double in size at the same time as halving its environmental footprint. Update...

The Creative Destruction Revolution

In regards to CSR and sustainability, Wayne Visser states companies must 'future-proof' to survive the coming sustainability surge and purge. On Talkback.

Economic Reform Key to Resetting the US-Cuba Relationship

Unlocking the door to Cuba: Michael Shank says profits are the key. On Talkback.

Can We Really Make Sustainable Consumption Work?

In a recent survey of global sustainability experts, 78% agree that businesses have a duty to offer sustainable product lines | GreenBiz.

Green policy uncertainty sees UK slip down energy sustainability rankings

UK drops from 8th to 14th in World Energy Council index ranking energy investment prospects, reports BusinessGreen.



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